Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Happy new year

Happy new year to everyone! 
I hope your Christmas break was amazing. Here i am in Spain. Where i spent the festive season drinking sangria and enjoying some sunshine. 

It was a nice long break and just what i needed! Alas i am now back at work, and so need to get into blogging again! 

So, i will be gettinf some posts up statting with a "What i got for Christmas" as i LOVE seeing those by people! I love aeeing all the goodies, thw joy gifts being and how amazingly generous people are at Christmas time! 

It was also my birthday on 26th of December, so i'll be posting a little about that too!

Yay for being back, and i will be commenting on all your brilliant posta soon! 

Thank you for reading in 2015, and i am excited to write morw in 2016! :) 


  1. You lucky thing! A nice hot country sounds amazing round about now. I hope you had an amazing time and an even better birthday. Happy New Year lovely lady xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. It was a nice break from all this rain! Hope you had a brilliant Christmas& New year too! :)


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