Saturday, 23 January 2016

Boots 70% off sale

I go every year to this sale, and LOVE IT!
Ilove the grabbing bargains anyways, as I am true bargain hunter, so when I findo ut Boots are offering 70% off their gift sets, I have to get all of the gorgeous things I want.

It's also an excellent way of getting lots of things for Birthdays throughout the year. Me and my friends are Boots fans, so there's always something they're wanting and lusting after.
So this year I managed to grab;

Soap& Glory - The Whole She-bang £18
Jack Wills Stockings £6.60 - Girls& boys - Christmas is now sorted for everyone!
Mark Hill blonde hair set £3
Sanctuary Spa Collection £13.50
Plus lots of other amazing treats.
I got myself a Mark Hill set and two others, as i think they'll be a great add on for my friends Birthdays!
Of course I always snap up something for myself, so I got the Soap& Glory eye pallet for £4.80, Superdry lip glosses for £4.20 and Jack Wills lip gloss mini stocking for £1.80!
Ilove the sale event, and always drag my mum along, who enjoys getting the bits& pieces for all the birthdays who she buys for.

A top tip is to wrap everything once bought, label it, then you know you definitely have their presents sorted. As I do tend to overbuy when I think I haven't spent enough. So I am wrapping, and smiling as I know I've bought some gorgeous gift sets.

Also, for one friend, I'm making a gift basket, with all the gift sets, opening them up and arranging the gift basket. Sounds like a great idea, if you think there might be a bit too much of the same in the gift sets again.! :)

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