Saturday, 12 December 2015

My new GHD present to myself

So, after passing my driving test, actually on the week of it, I had decided I would buy myself a GHD hairdryer.

A friend got one for her birthday, and raved about it so much, that I had to get in on the action. I did say though, if there was a Black Friday offer, and if I passed my test, that I would get one.

I passed, YAY. Then as it was Black Friday, GHD were offering £20 off and I had an email for a free gift with purchase. Too good to refuse!
So I went for the GHD Air Vintage Pink Edition, just because I love pink, and my GHD straighteners from last year are purple/ pink ones!

There are various settings on the dry, like cold, warm and hot. then light blow and fast blow. I went for warm and fast, as some mornings it is super chilly right now!
My hair is dry in 10 minutes flat. In fact the other night it was done in 7 minutes. Yes, I did time it!
SO good! It is  a little heavier than my last hairdryer, but I am so pleased with it right now! I would recommend this as an investment! :)

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