Thursday, 10 December 2015

My bad breakout cure with Lush

I have never used a Lush Cosmetics face mask. I never even browsed them before in the shop. Why, I do not know, as I cannot imagine life without this now. 

A bold claim I know, but this has seriously helped my awful skin. 
I will also say, this post should come with a warning on the photos of my face... There's your warning ;)

This is my seriously painful chin. I have spots either sides of my lips, which are spots then turn into scabs. So maybe coldsores, as i do suffer with those? Unconfirmed. 
The painful spots are the ones in the middle of my chin, which lay under the surface, and make even talking painful. 
So as you can imagine, I have been pretty down about these. Plus it's the second time in a month this has happened?! 

Anyhow, I've tried my trusty Witch SkincareNo7 face scrub, Liz Earle and other things. But nothing seems to cleanse it well. 
Until I tried this Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask, which includes blueberries and of course looks as scary as hell on. 

Buy it works SO well! Like, i'm not just saying that, my spots have cleared up a lot and my skin is super smooth after using the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask for 15 minutes. 

I am so happy eith this, prices at £6.75 it is a little more than i usually pay, but worth it. Plus I can collect 5 pots, wash them and return for a free mask! 
So, I would recommend this Lush mask 100% to anyone thinking about it or in need of a change or anyone who'll listen really! :) 

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  1. This looks really good ! I may have to go check it out in store :)
    Alex ox


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