Friday, 4 December 2015

Lush Christmas Blogger Event

I attended my first Lush blogger event on Tuesday, and let me tell you it was amazing!

As soon as we stepped up to the door, to walk in, the gorgeous smell of the products hit my senses, it was amazing!
I was handed a glass of fizz, while informing my name for the wait list, and then spun around to see all the amazing Christmas gifts out on display!
It was such a treat to be able to browse everything in a closed shop, as usually it is quite the struggle to get to my favourites in the Leeds one! We all like kids, in fact a bit like our grown up version of a kid at toys r us! So much to awe at and touch and play with!
To start, we headed over to a table where there was a bowl filled with something white. It was explained to us that here we could make our own Butterball bath bombs! Erm, amazing! 

So we were handed a pair of latex gloves, and shown how to pack the filling tightly into the two plastic halves, while piling it on top, so that it would stick together. Then it can be left for 24 hours, and used in a bath! Yay! So I have now made a Lush bath bomb! I am cool!

I then checked out the face masks, as I have never used one of the Lush one's before, and I am having a pretty bad breakout, so though it may help with that. The Lush assistant informed me which was best for breakouts, or soothing the skin, which was Catastrophe Cosmetic, a blueberry filled delight! I made a mental note to pop back and grab one of those before leaving.
I headed over with Charly, who runs This City Life Blog to look at the multi coloured bath bombs, decided which ones we should pick up, and me decided one of everything would be amazing! Another Lush assistant asked if we would like to see one of them in water, to see how they change colour and look, and Charly opted for The Experimenter one which I love, and bought the moment it came out when I was in the Oxford Street store!
We then went around to look at more of the wonders of Lush in store, and saw Snow Fairy, in all the different sizes, and commented that it is probably the only time you'd see that much on the shelf, before it flies out!

How amazing would it be to put this out in the bathroom for Christmas?! Yum!
In a group we were given a guided tour of the newly opened spa, downstairs in the shop, which I'd never expect to be there, and down there are various rooms for many treatments, like the Hard Days Night treatment, which was made to suit the Liverpool hotel focusing on The Beatles! You get a full body massage, plus get to relax in your PJs throughout it! Lovely! Of course there is a price to pay, and that is £95.

The treatment I loved the most was saved until last, The Planets which is  a room with soothing music, slow and dimmed lights on the ceiling and had me feeling relaxed with just being in there. I would definitely go for that one. This is priced at £285! Woah, I'll start saving now!

So, after having  a nosey around downstairs, I headed back up, where it was sadly time to head off home! Can I not just live there, to wake up to the gorgeous aromas and beautiful colours...?!
So I picked up a basket and got the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask, snow fairy 100ml, Lord of Misrule 100ml and a Dashing Santa bath bomb.
Then before leaving I only got a goody bag! Yes! It was filled with Santa's Belly shower jelly, a Luxury Lush Pud, Old Father Time soap bar and Father Christmas bath bomb!
So lovely of Lush, and Urika for inviting me, and gifting me these amazing things! I will be smelling amazing this festive season! :)

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