Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Glossybox December by Really Ree

You had me at rose gold, Glossybox!
So I was one of the lucky people to snap up the amazing NARS Glossybox last month, as I wrote about here.
On the same day, it was announced that Really Ree was collaborating with Glossybox on their December monthly instalment, and that it has a rose gold finish on the box. SOLD! Like rose gold is beautiful isn't it? So I quickly signed up.

I haven't been with Glossybox for about 2 years now, as I got a little overrun with samples, and have been working my way through them all! so, as I reach the end of the year, and end of my sample stash, what better way to replenish it, than with one of my favourite beauty bloggers collaboration?!

So, for £10 + postage of £2.95 a month, you get 5 samples, and sometimes full size. I always loved Glossybox, as it tended to be more beauty samples, than some of the other boxes out there.

 So, what's inside I hear you scream... Well...
Collection Long Lasting Nail Effects - Full size

RRP full size = £2.99
I got a lovely silver glitter, snowy type colour. A colour I always pick this time of year. Cannot beat a bit of sparkle near Christmas time!
So Susan: Statement Skin highlighter pencil - Full size

RRP full size = £15
I love a highlighter. Only recently though, as I used ot have such youthful skin, but it needs a bit of perking up lately. So I pop on my blush and run a highlighter on the top, to give a glow in this dull days towards winter. I love this one, as it is a thing one, compared to my Watts Up by Benefit Cosmetics.

Etre Belle: Golden Skin Caviar Eye Roll On

RRP full size £30.66
Quite a hefty price tag, but did that say Caviar?! Well, you know luxury when that is mentioned.
I do like to have an eye product, as some days I need rid of my dark circles, and a perk me up is needed. So I am looking forward to trying this out. Plus with a rollerball, not much work is needed in my skincare routine!
L'Occitane: Shea Face Comforting Oil

RRP full size £29
I for one, bloomin' LOVE L'Occitane. The shop, the scent and the products are amazing. This oil with shea sounds great, and it absorbs quickly into the skin. So I will happily give it a go!
essence: Liquid Lipstick in Show Off - Full Size

RRP full size £2.50
This apparently is Ree's own colour that she loves! I myself am not really a red girl, but I will give it a go and see what the out come is below with a photo.
Extra Product
Starskin: Bio Cellulose Second Skin Mask
RRP Full size £8.50
SO excited about having one of these. I see them on loads of blogs and have been dying to try one out.
Actually, as I am trying out quite a few face masks and face products lately, I have been sending the photos to  a friend to cheer her up. She'll have a shock with this one I bet! Ha! Can't wait to send that beauty on!
So here is a look at some of the products in the box:

I used etre belle, So Susan, L'Occitane and essence!

Absolutely LOVE this box, and I am going to stick with Glossybox in the new year!
Thank you to Really Ree for the amazing December box! :)


  1. Ooo! I got the NARS one, but this one looks good too!

    1. So good. I saw this and had to subscribe! :)

  2. Looks like you got some great things!


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