Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sample Sunday - laura mercier

I got this laura mercier sample in a birchbox ages ago and just pulled it out my sample box. 

This is a 11g sample size of laura mercier flawless skin face polish. It works by damning skin, then rubbing this all over my face, where the exfoaliatibg beads get to work. 

At the moment my skin is particularly bad and i have had so many spots, but thankfully this weekend they have cleared up and this has helped with that. 

It is a peach colour,'fragrance free and is not too harsh on my face, even though it is filled with beads, my face feels good afterwards. 

It is £26 gor the full size, and as it works it would be a good investment, but it is just a face polish. So as i like it, i don't love it and will be thankful i tried the sample, but live with othet cheaper face scrubs. 

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