Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Lush Halloween buys

Halloween is my favourite, as if you didn't notice by my post here
I am trying to stretch it out, is my best option until those Christmas decorations go up soon. So, when I managed to nab some Lush Halloween goodies in a local store to me this week, I was thrilled! 
I got a Sparkly Pumpkin, which smells delightful! The sparkles instantly attached to my fingers, but as I love sparkles I do not mind one bit! 
I actually have this for my brother, who for Christmas, wants a bath delight and for it to have lots of sparkles, "Like, I want to be covered" to quote him.
Err, you got your Christmas wish bro! 
I then HAD to grab a pot of Nightwing, which I think looks super cool, how it pops out the pot. It also has a delightful smell of blackcurrant, which is so fruity and I loved it immediately!
What I didn't know, was how sort of dark and inky it was!
Look at Nightwing's trail here on the right! Eeep!
I was thinking "oh nooo my hands are stained, AND THE SINK! Mum will kill me!!"
However, a quick run under the tap, and it all washes away, turns the water a slight tinted indigo colour and no more worry about staining! Thank goodness, Lush


I'm really looking forward to trying the Nightwing shower jelly, in the shower now! 
I also grabbed the Bat knotwrap, and my Mum is wrapping my birthday present, on 26th December, in it! So cool! 

What other Lush Halloween goodies have you stocked up on, or should I have grabbed? :) 


  1. I'm going in for a floor trial at Lush today and I am SO excited! Their products are wonderful and I love their company morals & ethics.

    1. Ahh amazing! I'm excited for you!! Such a brilliant company, and great to see how popular they are :) I'm off to visit the 4 floors of Oxford Street bliss next month! :)

  2. I didn't manage to grab any of the Halloween Lush pieces, but these look amazing - that pumpkin!! I have the Santa's Belly shower jelly and that does the same thing with my bath too haha :D
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

    1. Aw get yourself along to one for the Christmas goodies. Lots more festive sparkle! I definitely want the Santa's belly! :)


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