Sunday, 8 November 2015

Lacome Genifique - Sample Sunday

At Lancome counters nationwide you can pop and ask for a skincare sample and get this Genifique as well as the suitable skincare. I love a good freebie so got this a couple of months ago, but stashed it away in my samples box. Yes box. Huge yes! 

This Lancome Genifique is a serum and clear in formula. It is very light when on, but hydrates really well. I was pleasantly surprised, as i wasn't sure what to expect with Lancome, having not used them, but this is really good. 

I can't really say if it has made my skin look younger, in this short space of time, but i can say my skin is less dull and i am happy with that result. 
Sadly the sample only lasted a week and half, but as it isn't a heavy serum, compared to say Estee Lauder Night Repair, it is a great one to try out! Happy with my "glowing" face this week :)  

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