Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Chanel Rouge Noir Christmas 2015 collection

As soon as I saw the Chanel Christmas range, was Rouge Noir, I had to buy it ALL. Like seriously I have nearly all of it, and plan on buying more! I usually limit myself to one polish, or one compact, but this year I have been saving up for it, as it was announced back in August, I knew I would want it all!

The colour is so perfect for me, as I am not a red girl, but the dark tone of this is excellent for my rosey cheek skin type, and as I have previously said, been a goth at heart, means I always go for the darker shades!

The first item I bought was the Le Volume De Chanel Rouge Noir mascara, which was £25, the usual price for Chanel mascara. I love the Le Volume mascara, as I got a gorgeous sample of it recently, as posted here and really wanted this to be the first in the collection.

I think of course went back for the Chanel Rouge Noir in the Rouge Allure collection, which was £26, but I got it on one of those Boots event days, along with the nail colour Les Vernis no18 in the collection of Rouge Noir, and so received £10/1000 points for spending £50 + ! I love a good deal like that.

At the beginning of November, Debenhams has a 10% off week, so I got the rest of my collection of Rouge Noir then, I got the Illusion D'Ombres No857 and the lip gloss from the collection, so I just want the quad and liner, although I am unsure if I would use the quad as much, as the yellow/ gold is a sharp tone, and I still cannot create a smokey eye, woe is me!

So all in all, I LOVE the Chanel limited edition collection for Christmas this year, and it couldn't be more spot on for me!

I actually quite like the gold flec polish too, ahhh I have an addiction as Chanel is super pretty! Cannot wait to wear it all now, for Christmas time, and going on into the new year!

What are you thoguhts on the Chanel Rouge Noir Absolument?

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