Molton Brown Christmas event

On Friday in Molton Brown Leeds there was a Christmas VIP shopping event which i received info about from their mailing list. The event was to showcase the Christmas ranges, enjoy a festive drink and receive a gift with purchase. 

With the weather being stormy, i didn't think it would be busy busy it was so packed! On arrival into the Molton Brown store, which is in the Leeds Victoria Quarter shopping arcade, I gave my name in and got a mini goody bag! I was so excited!
I then browsed the collections and decided on a bauble, where there was a calligrapher to write names on. I got one for a friend. 

Sadly my friend couldn't attend and so this is such a cute gift for her!
Then on paying, there was a gift with purchase, which is a box filled with mini body washed!
I am now stocked up for the winter months, and i will smell amazing! 

I have been in the Leeds Molton Brown previously, as per here where i received a hand treatment, which is on all throughout the year. I digned up to the emails in store then and was so pleased i did! 

Here is the goody bag, including the festive vintage body wash, and a card for a complimentary hand treatment. Plus on the photo is the bauble I bought! 
I definitely recommend signing up to the emails asap! 

What are your favourite Molton Brown fragrances? :) 

Chanel Rouge Noir Christmas 2015 collection

As soon as I saw the Chanel Christmas range, was Rouge Noir, I had to buy it ALL. Like seriously I have nearly all of it, and plan on buying more! I usually limit myself to one polish, or one compact, but this year I have been saving up for it, as it was announced back in August, I knew I would want it all!

The colour is so perfect for me, as I am not a red girl, but the dark tone of this is excellent for my rosey cheek skin type, and as I have previously said, been a goth at heart, means I always go for the darker shades!

The first item I bought was the Le Volume De Chanel Rouge Noir mascara, which was £25, the usual price for Chanel mascara. I love the Le Volume mascara, as I got a gorgeous sample of it recently, as posted here and really wanted this to be the first in the collection.

I think of course went back for the Chanel Rouge Noir in the Rouge Allure collection, which was £26, but I got it on one of those Boots event days, along with the nail colour Les Vernis no18 in the collection of Rouge Noir, and so received £10/1000 points for spending £50 + ! I love a good deal like that.

At the beginning of November, Debenhams has a 10% off week, so I got the rest of my collection of Rouge Noir then, I got the Illusion D'Ombres No857 and the lip gloss from the collection, so I just want the quad and liner, although I am unsure if I would use the quad as much, as the yellow/ gold is a sharp tone, and I still cannot create a smokey eye, woe is me!

So all in all, I LOVE the Chanel limited edition collection for Christmas this year, and it couldn't be more spot on for me!

I actually quite like the gold flec polish too, ahhh I have an addiction as Chanel is super pretty! Cannot wait to wear it all now, for Christmas time, and going on into the new year!

What are you thoguhts on the Chanel Rouge Noir Absolument?

The Nars Glossybox

I ran down to work on Monday 16th November, as that date was etched in my mind to buy the Nars Glossybox! As I am sure you know by now, was a quick sell out, and a hyped over box, but worth every bit of that hype in my eyes! Here's why...

For years I wanted the Nars Orgasm blush, so this was a perfect box to grab for that, as well as trying the Nars collection in deluxe sample size! 
This Glossybox is made up of 5 Nars  products; 
Orgasm blush
The number one on my wish list for YEARS, is this blusher. I am in love. It is a pink, with shimmer colour, perfect for all faces/ cheeks.
Orgasm The Multiple
This is the same pink shimmer tone as the powder blush, but is a cream formular. It can be used on cheeks, eyes, lips and everywhere you wish to have a bit of colour and shimmer!
Audatious mascara in Black Moon
This mascara is a sample size, but will last me ages. The wand is perfect for gripping each lash in one go, but treating like individuals with a coating of thick black gorgeous mascara.
Satin lip pencil in Rikugien
This is a red/organge mixture, but very wearable for day or night wear, and a lip colour which I was unsure about, but looks lovely on.
Larger Than Life long wear eyeliner
Can never go wrong with a black liner, and this creamy texture is perfect for creating that smokey eye, or defining look.
All in a sleek matte black style Glossybox, all the packaging is a goths dream, and I love it all!
So glad I managed to get in there, as it sold out in 27 minutes! Wowee! So
Christmas will be an orgasmic Nars one for me! :) 

Mani Monday with Rouge Noir

I love this polish!
The collection which was made for someone like me, the Chanel Rouge Noir Absolutment features this polish. 

Dark red a sort of mix between black and red is the shade. So perfect for autumn and winter months.

I love that in some light it is butgedy and in some red and in some had a fleck of black dancing across. 
So happy with this Chanel Rouge Noir polish as i knew i would be! :) 

Sample Sunday - laura mercier

I got this laura mercier sample in a birchbox ages ago and just pulled it out my sample box. 

This is a 11g sample size of laura mercier flawless skin face polish. It works by damning skin, then rubbing this all over my face, where the exfoaliatibg beads get to work. 

At the moment my skin is particularly bad and i have had so many spots, but thankfully this weekend they have cleared up and this has helped with that. 

It is a peach colour,'fragrance free and is not too harsh on my face, even though it is filled with beads, my face feels good afterwards. 

It is £26 gor the full size, and as it works it would be a good investment, but it is just a face polish. So as i like it, i don't love it and will be thankful i tried the sample, but live with othet cheaper face scrubs. 

Mani Monday - OPI - Muir Muir On The Wall

Recently, I haven't been painting my nails as much as I usually do, I've just left them to grow and get on with themselves really. But I spotted this OPI polish in my collection and I though it was a good colour for this autumn weather, that is on the turn into cold right now!

This is OPI Muir Muir On The Wall, and I got it last year, but haven't really worn it much. No idea why, as I love the brown shade, mixed with bronze and reflective metallic. It takes two coats to get to be looking like the bottle, but is lovely and shiny, had a sparkly, and looks different in every bit of light!

I am loving it right now, and usually I stick with pinks, but this is a good change.
Plus I will be having my nails done for Christmas, so may as well get
used to seeing some polish on my tips :)

No7 Christmas range

No7 have launched their Christmas range of make up, and once again it is full of sparkles and gorgeous metallic colours.
There is a full range out, but I went for two pieces out of it, the cream shadow and the shimmery cheek compact. 
This No7 Stay Perfect is a cream eye shadow, seems to be a different style to the usual companies trend, but I really like how high end it is, but for only £8 it is a steal!
Plus I used my £3 off No7 voucher too, so it was £5! Yes, that's right FIVE POUNDS! 

Ahem, the shade is sort of champagne colour more than a gold and looks gorgeous with this hand application, or see below for on my eye! Love it for festive season! 
The No7 shimmer Glow Pallette is a silver shade, which i loved the look of immediately! 
However, I was a little disappointed with the pigment, as it is just shimmer and you need a good few swipes of it to see a good sparkle on my cheeks. But once built up it does look good. This shimmer compact is £12.50, so £9.50 with the £3 off voucher, a little steep for something I am not amazed by. I prefer the golds at Christmas as silver here is dull. Last years Spheres compact is so much better! 

Will you be picking up anything from this Limited Edition No7 range? :) 

Boots Star Gift - Ted Baker

This week's Star Gift at Boots UK is the gorgeous Ted Baker gift The Brilliance of Beauty as per here on the Boots UK website!

The Brilliance Of Beauty is filled with beautiful make up, in a flowery box, this is a perfect gift for someone this Christmas.

I actually got one last year, and I love it! I have put it on my dresser, and it has everything I need to get ready on a morning!
The Ted Baker box lifts at the top, with storage space, and a mirror, then under is a drawer where you can keep more of your beauty essentials.

This is £22.50 for 1 week only, and last year it sold out! So grab one right away if you want one :)

As I still have mine, I am undecided, but I do love the look of this, and might get one to pop away for a friends birthday next year!

Benefit They're Real Swarovski

This is a limited edition They're Real mascara out for Christmas time from Benefit Cosmetics. How pretty is it?! 

I did expect it to be sparkly mascara but it is the wand adorned with crystals by Swarovski and it looks like a million bucks, doesn't it? So I had to grab one as soon as it hit the shelves. It was £21.50 and as it's my favourite mascara anyways, the extra £2 didn't bother me. 
This limited edition Benefit They're Real mascara is out now, of course! :) 

Lush Halloween buys

Halloween is my favourite, as if you didn't notice by my post here
I am trying to stretch it out, is my best option until those Christmas decorations go up soon. So, when I managed to nab some Lush Halloween goodies in a local store to me this week, I was thrilled! 
I got a Sparkly Pumpkin, which smells delightful! The sparkles instantly attached to my fingers, but as I love sparkles I do not mind one bit! 
I actually have this for my brother, who for Christmas, wants a bath delight and for it to have lots of sparkles, "Like, I want to be covered" to quote him.
Err, you got your Christmas wish bro! 
I then HAD to grab a pot of Nightwing, which I think looks super cool, how it pops out the pot. It also has a delightful smell of blackcurrant, which is so fruity and I loved it immediately!
What I didn't know, was how sort of dark and inky it was!
Look at Nightwing's trail here on the right! Eeep!
I was thinking "oh nooo my hands are stained, AND THE SINK! Mum will kill me!!"
However, a quick run under the tap, and it all washes away, turns the water a slight tinted indigo colour and no more worry about staining! Thank goodness, Lush


I'm really looking forward to trying the Nightwing shower jelly, in the shower now! 
I also grabbed the Bat knotwrap, and my Mum is wrapping my birthday present, on 26th December, in it! So cool! 

What other Lush Halloween goodies have you stocked up on, or should I have grabbed? :) 

Le Volume de Chanel Ultra Noir

Such an amazing sample give away last month from Boots to get a 1ml sample of the new Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Ultra Noir

The new formula extends my lashes and coats them in gorgeous lashings of black rich mascara. 

I love this new offering, maybe more than I love my first Le Volume mascara by Chanel

Definitely check this out at a counter in store if you can! :)

The Body Shop - Christmas 2015 - Blogger Event

I was invited by The Body Shop White Rose Centre to explore their range of Christmas 2015 gifts and try them out on Sunday (8/12/15).
In return we were offered 40% off! I was excited at this chance!

The Body Shop always have amazing scents out for their Christmas ranges, and this year the new offering is Frosted Plum, a delcious fruity yet not over powering scent. 

There is also their usual Frosted Cranberry range and their much lived Glazed Apple, which I LOVED last year! 

Also in the ranges is plenty of sparkly, like the body lotion pumps and a new fragrance mist full of shimmery delight! 

It gives lots of sparkle, perfect for the festive season, for the proce £8.50.

Also within their festive range is an advent calendar, price at £60 full of 24 treat sizes marvels!  Sneak a peak at the list, or scroll past to keep the surprise...

* warning - spoiler alert* 

I resisted the urge to buy this beautifully present advent calendar.

I love these festive crackers and think £5 is a really great price for them! 

Strawberry or Shea available in the crackers. 

I filled up a basket with a few things, including some Frosted Plum, thise amazingly priced crackers and the super cute robin sponges! 

I snapped this of my little Christmas haul when i got home, and was so pleased as well £33 with our special discount! 
I had to pick up one of the shimmer fragrance mists, so will post on that soon! 

We also got this amazing goody bag! The bag itself is amazing, what with having to buy bags now! 

It was so worth getting up early on a Sunday for, and i loved being able to browse while the shop was closed. Thank you so much to Leah and the staff at The Body Shop White Rose for welcoming me and showing off the Christmas ranges! I smell amazing with all this! :)