Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Switch To Witch - Competition win

Witch skincare are running an excellent campaign right now, to get people to switch their skincare routine to Witch skincare products!

It's running over at and has a different set of goodies up for grabs each week, plus there are runner up prizes!

I was lucky in the first week, and managed to bag myself a super cute mini of their Gentle Exfoliating face wash and a Overnight Clearing Serum. The original prize, was for their Bursting Beads face wash full size. Sadly didn't get that, but I love these mini's that I did win as a runner up more! Both of these arrived this week, so around 3 weeks after winning, which is pretty speedy!

I have always used Witch skincare. My mum bought me the Blemish stick when I was younger, and it was always something that I used none stop as a teen, for the bad spot days!

Witch skincare then ran a competition over on their Twitter, where if you tweeted your favourite Witch skincare product, you could be paired up to win someone else s! I won again! Yay!

So my favourite witch skincare product is their Blemish Stick, it is great to carry around and perfect for blotting on those pesky spots. I also use it for insect bites, a I love the soothing sensation or Witch Hazel!

The product I won was a Blemish Stick, and Oil Control face wash, which is perfect as I do have combination skin, and this time of year, when the season get harsh, I have to cleanse my skin so much. On a night I use it, and have been for a few days since received, and it makes my skin lovely and clean, and I haven't had a spot as yet!

I love these sort of competitions, as I get to try out things, that I'd never usually pick up! Be sure to enter their competition, as there is a different prize each week! :)


  1. I absolutely love the Witch blemish stick! It helps treat blemishes whilst covering them up which is what I love most about it :) xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

    1. So brilliant for blemishes isn't it?! Amazing stuff! :)


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