Saturday, 10 October 2015

Product trial - Maple Holistics hair care range

I was contacted by Rachel, who works for Maple Holistics. The brand Maple Holistics is a range full of hair care, all natural ingredients and vegan friendly, with no sulphates on their products, making hair washing a dream. 

Rachel asked if she could send me some products for me to try out and then write and tell you little lot all about them! Of course I said yes! 

Then 2 weeks later 2 products arrived at my address, with lots of lovely information stated on the envelope as well as 2 cards enclosed with information about the products. 

The information included was all about the ingredients, and how it helps the process of hair washing, and our bodies.

Includes; Argan, almond, Jojoba, Peach kernam, Camellia seed and avacado.
Argan and it's oil is everywhere right now, and many ranges stock an argan product, which I love for my bleached locks. The devine smell from this formula is the almond, whcih is perfect for blonde hair and an ingredient which I use quite a lot in hair washing, to nourish my blonde.  
$12.97 = £8.47

Includes; Silk Amino acids, botanical keratin, and shea butter
Keratin is all over the place at the moment, and is well done for it's conditoning properties. However, as soon as I dolloped some into my hand, the smell of shea butter was instant, and I was in love! Such an amazing smell. It made shower times a delight!
$12.97 = £8.47

I have been using this for 3 weeks now, and my hair feels amazing! It is super soft when I emerge from the shower, which is good as I have bleached hair and it is usually like straw! The products are nearly empty now, and both me and my mum love the amazing smell and will be looking to purchase some soon! 

Be sure to check out Maple Holistics, if you buy both of these, or 2 products, then shipping is free, according to their website and it is so worth it for delightful products like these!

Thank you so much to Rachel, from Maple Holistics for shipping these out to me, it was so nice of them to contact me and let me try them out! :)

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