Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Orly - Monroe Red - Nail Polish favourite this week!

I have done a nail polish post in quite some time, as mainly I haven't been wearing polish. All those unloved polishes, that sit on my shelf, looking longingly at me... So I thought it was best to wear one for a change, and I delved into my collection and came up with this one!

I got this Orly Polish way back in September 2014 I think, a freebie with Cosmo magazine! I loved the shimmer tone of red, and the name of Monroe Red really drew me to pick it over the neon pink colour that caught my eye too.

I love this colour right now. As a lot of the time, around Halloween season I reach for the dark colours, I thought I would brighten my keyboard tools up by using a bright and colourful polish instead!

After only one coat, my nails are bright red, with a hint of shimmer. Not glittery shimmer, just a nice touch of glamour on them. This Monroe Red is exactly the colour I really would associate with Marilyn Monroe.

I love that, I didn't even look at the website, until writing this, and the exact description is "Red Shimmer" on there, for this! It is £10.50 on their stockist page, so I guess for a £3.99 magazine, and a half the size of full bottle, I got a bargain. Always brilliant to stock up on these beauty freebies on magazines! I shall be switching to dark next wee, but for now I am loving this touch of glamour.

So, after loving this colour, I might do a weekly nail paint aain, as I used to back in the winter months, and post my favourites. I will make sure they are still available to buy too, as I hate it when you can't get hold of something you've just read about and fallen in love with! :)


  1. YES to red! I love red in the autumn/winter, love this colour especially, it really pops xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Yeah, need something to brighten up these dull days :)

  2. I'm very unadventurous with nail colour I tend to go between red or purple. This is a gorgeous shade of red, I love it!
    Gillian  xx  EyelinerFlicks

    1. Haha! I have SO many polishes, from last years Christmas presents, that I need to get some use out of them! It is s really great shade! :)


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