Friday, 30 October 2015

Film review - New Picture House - Jurassic World

My favourite film franchise has to be Jurassic Park, it is everything I want in a film, and is full of sci-fi and things that I just can't get enough of, Dinosaurs! Yes, I love it even more than Star Wars! So, when it popped up that my local cinema, New Picture House, were showing the latest offering Jurassic World, I had to go down and watch it!

The New Picture House is located in Dewsbury, and showings are only £4! Plus you can get a drink at the full licensed bar, as well as eat the delicious cakes and popcorn, of which it was a sell out this week.

When I raced up the stairs, the New Picture House was packed full of eager people, excited to see the blockbuster showing of Jurassic Park, which is amazing for the little cinema! Plus who can blame them for £4 entry to see a film!

We paid, grabbed some drinks and sat at a table to enjoy the view, and of course took some pictures!

I am wearing my Jurassic World t-shirt, you know, cos I'm cool, and the view behind my friends is amazing of our little town!

The film was as spectacular as the first time I saw it in the cinema in June, and the dinosaurs are still scary and have my heart racing, and my friend jumped out of her chair at a lot of it! Which I was laughing at!

The place was so busy last week, that they ran out of popcorn! Crazy! But so great that there is so much interest in the little cinema, New Picture House.

The second half of Jurassic World was just as brilliant, Chris Pratt is my new favourite, even though I liked him in Parks and Rec, in this film he owns it. Not sure why the lead female, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, wears heels, in a theme park, running for her life. Reckon she should re-thing her outfit choices. However, in the facts before the film, it was said that the white, was a nod to the late Richard Attenborough, as in Jurassic Park, he also wore white.

I really love the Jurassic Park franchise, and I always have, but I do think the Jurassic World, there should have been the old characters in their, like Sam Neil, the kids or even Jeff Goldbloom, but leave his leather trousers at home. That would have made the movie even more special for me. But that being said, I did rate the film 5 out 5 on my paper sheet, as I just love dinosaurs!

We had such a brilliant time at New Picture House, and my friends are converted now, and are looking forward to the next showing!

See here for listings of the next upcoming films :)

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