Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Boots bargain shelf - Rimmel products

So, on Fridays I pop into Boots to grab my lunch meal deal, and as I passed by the amazing Star Gift section, this week it is Seventeen Ultimate, as I posted about here, I saw the bargains shelf was back! Yay

I had a rummage through all the things on there, the middle section was make up, and there were a few Rimmel products stashed in there. As I'm a little strapped cash lately, I wasn't expecting to get anything, but here there were some products for only 80p!
Here's what I grabbed, and clung onto at those prices!
Rimmel Stay Matte Primer - 80 pence
RRP £5.99
I have heard brilliant things about this, and was excited to see it so cheap! I think it is because the seal is broken on this, so they have to discount it. But as my POREfessional is making my skin a little too oily, due to the moisturising properties in it, this could be a good alternative! I will update on the progress soon!

Rimmel Clear Complexion concealer - 80 pence
RRP £5.95 - Now discontinued
I love a good concealer stick, for my DARK circles. Suddenly in the past month or so my dark circles have got so deep, so I need a perk. I usually use the Rimmel Hide The Blemish stick, so hopefully this will be just as great!

Rimmel Stay Matte dual concealer stick - 70 pence
RRP £4.99 - Now Discontinued.
As I spotted this, with the green in the middle I knew it would be perfect for my red cheeks. The green pigment will even out my colour and correct it, hopefully. Plus for 70p, it's worth trying out anyways!

So, make sure you look out in your local Boots for the clearance shelf's, as Christmas time is when they get rid of their old stock! :)


  1. I've always been a fan of Rimmel - they're super cheap but always good quality. Although I love MAC and Benefit, nothing wrong with sticking to what you know is good for less. I'd love to try that primer! Great reviews as always hun xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. This primer is so good too! For 80p is it a wonder product, but I would re-buy it for sure! Although I do love Benefit, this is great when on a budget :) Thank you for reading! :)


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