Thursday, 1 October 2015

Alberto Balsam my saviour

The title is correct, that £1 tube from Poundland is THE BEST STUFF EVER! 
Seriously, it is so lovely for my hair!

The yellow tube of Alberto Balsam is an intensive conditioning treatment, with honey and almond extracts, so it smells devine, but also is perfect for my bleached blonde hair.

I first picked this up as it said it was for dry or damaged hair and that is exactly what I needed for my mop. I usually get this monthly, and the bottle lasts a good 2 weeks. 
However, Poundland and everywhere else let me down and I ran out for the WHOLE of summer! Arrghhh! My hair was dry as, and just well a bit awful. 

However, I walked into the shop last week and there it was 5 bottles of Alberto Balsam sat looking at me! Yes! So I bought 4 of them, to make sure I am stocked up! I thoguht it was only fair that I left one on the shelf, as I am nice like that!

My hair today after two uses is lovely and soft, and smells amazing with the honey. I definitely would say to everyone this is THE wonder treatment you need if you have dry/ damaged/bleached hair at the moment and for £1, it's worth  a try!

So happy today that my hair is back to being nice :)

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