Friday, 4 September 2015

The Leeds Festival post

Ahh such a great festival, and it's only 25 mins away from my house, down the motorway! 
Yes on Saturday, I went to Leeds Festival for the day!

I posted before heading off, with my outfit and make up, and generally rocking that festival look. 
I love wearing a pair of shorts, but go for warmth on top, as when you're watching that last bank play out, it is freezing in the middle of  a field!
Check out my post before here!

We caught the bus up to Bramham, for only £5 I think it was worth it! 

We arrived, and queued, walked a bit, and queued some more. 

Still have my wristband on, cos ya know, I am in the cool club!
 Anyways, the bands that stood out for me were Don Broco, as they tunes are so catchy and I cannot get their new song "Superlove" out of my head!

And then the best band of the day/ ngiht was Limp Bizkit
I have loved this band for years, and their songs had the whole crowd singing along and jumping about. Excellent atmosphere!

Luckily the weather held up all day, and it was really fun! 
We had a few drinks, 

We had so much great festival food, 

And just realy enjoyed the day!

 I definitely would go again next year, and would recommend it to everyone! :)


  1. Ah my gosh, It looks like you had an amazing time. Loving your festival look too! Great photos :) xx

    Sophie Elizabeth


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