Thursday, 10 September 2015

My weekly billiant bargains email I set up!

Everyone loves a good bargain right? Well, I do! So I set up my own weekly email, to tell everyone about amazing bargains!

The recession was still very much upon us (and still is) and back in 2013, I had lost a day in my working week, having to go down to 4 day weeks, in order to keep my job. Bad times, but instead of wallowing in that, I did something about it. I started scouring the internet for money saving ways, and how to get the looks of the celebs, but for much cheaper.

I set up a weekly email of bargains, mainly beauty bargains, but I do take in the feedback, and find other content which people need and want in their lives. It’s a 70+ strong following now, of my friends, colleagues and online people, and a weekly thing I am proud of, as I know it helps a lot of people.

I am back to the full time job now, but I have carried it on, going into the 63rd week of sending the weekly email, packed full of beauty bargains, free samples and the best deals I can find.

Here I will give you a snapshot, of how you can save money, if you don’t already know, and tell you this, it’s ok if you have no money, as there’s so many bargains out there, that there’ll always be something to grab as a cheer up.

  Beauty Counters 
Make overs are usually free, and they’ll use their products on you, and sometimes offer samples. OK, I kind have the gift of the gab, and I am a cheeky person, but it doesn’t hurt to ask eh? If you get a sample, try it out and you can always set up a “Sample Saturday” on your blog!

Magazine recycling 
People do this already right? I do it with the work girls, we all read our magazines, then bring them in to swap with each other, that way you can read them all, for a fraction of the cost. Sometimes we’ll each buy one, and then swap. 

Swap shop 
Best day ever when people bring in their unwanted shampoo, skincare and nail polish. It’s shopping but swapping!

    Oh freebies – My one true love. I love a freebie. Scourer the internet, type “Freebie” into the twitter search bars, or if you’re lazy sign up to my mail, and sign up for the delights that come through the post! 

Points Cards 
Debenhams have free samples with theirs. Boots offer samples sometimes, or build up the points and spend on Chanel and feel fabulous (yeah I do that!) and remember you coffee points cards. Alright so that one isn’t beauty, but you’ll need a sit down and drink, after shopping away at all the counters.

Think about all those counters, Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Harvey Nichols, a beauty haven, and on Sundays it is super quiet, so go treat you and your mum, or best friend to a freebie facial or make over! I do that quite often, and I love it. 

I think the freebies section on my email is the most popular, and I love scouring the magazine, shops and online for all the beauty bargains, as it fills me with joy… Or lust. Plus the fact that I’m helping people who are in need of a pick me up, is a pretty special feeling too!

So, you're all very welcome to join my weekly email, just email me at and i'll add you! 
It goes out every Tuesday, and is filled with beauty, supermarket deals and everything you'll need to save money! :)

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