Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hi, my name's Sam, and i'm miniture addict!

Just look at them! Taunting me with their cuteness! 
Ahh i am addicted to ANYTHING small and cute, like this! 

I save them up usually for holidays, or ya know to make an empty jar look pretty! 
If there is a mini, or the full sized I go for the mini. I an holding my hands up, it is a burden I bare, but I will not seek forgiveness. I love them. 

Lets be honest now, carrying a mini in your bag is so much lighter than your entire make up bag. I mean, I'm only thinking of practicality really, aren't i?! 

Benefit's packaging is cute, so I save these in a a tight tin, you know, for a special occassion. 

These are for always being prepared for holidays. 

And this bag full... Well it's absurd... Let us not rule out those packet samples now! They get a stock pile box all on their own. Although in fairness, they ARE helpful in trying before you buy. 

I have the Christmas stash too...

Ok, I have a problem! 

Anyone else love the allure of the minitures? 


  1. SO many minis! I'm so glad someone else loves them as much as I do! I have a mini for everything - it's so practical and they're also adorable. Can't get enough of them. I like having trips away just so I can use them haha Great post hun xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. haha! I love them so much! I cannot walk past without buying them :) Thank you! :)


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