Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Film review : New Picture House - A Street Car named Desire

I popped along to the New Picture House cinema in Dewsbury again this past weekend, I've visited a few times and wrote about it here.

The film playing on Sunday was a golden oldie, A Street Car Named Desire, and for only £4 a ticket here, at the cute cinema in my home town, why not head down to check it out!

I got there, paid my £4 ticket fee, and immediately ordered a curry pots, which are excellently tasty, and perfect my lunch the next day. These are £2.50! Bargain or what?!

I sat down at the showing didn't start until 7.30pm, and I was there a little early, but it is lovely to look out over our little town, to see the amazing view from up on the 3rd floor of the New Picture House.

So, onto the film. I love films, let me admit this first. I used to study film at college, which got me into all the old cinema releases, but I haven't actually seen A Street Car Named Desire, even though I read, and heard about it so much!

The film stars Marlon Brando, Vivienne Leigh and Kim Hunter, as the main charcters in this black and white drama set in the '50s. Leigh plays Blanche DuBois, the sister who comes to stay with Stella played by Hunter and Stanley, played by Brando, and who outstays here welcome and causes great havoc for the married couple. The stories of Blanche unravel throughout the picture, and come to a sharp head, at the films climax. 

All the way through, from the offset I was thinking, Blanche is a nut case, as her portrayal was wild and chaotic, but excellent viewing!

As it is the quirky old style cinema, there is an interval, where you can grab a slice of homemade cake for £1.50, which was lemon drizzle this week, or a drink from the full licensed bar and chill out for 30 minutes. I like it, as my bum goes numb sometimes at the cinema, so I love the break, ha!

Seeing Marlon Brando so young was a pleasure also, as he was a total babe, let's be honest, and his acting throughout was a great skill. 

I really enjoyed the film, and would probably watch it again, as it is surely a classic, maybe not a defining one, but a great watch, and I love seeing their outfits, back in that time.

I would give the film a 4 out of 5, as I really enjoyed watching, but the chaos Blanche caused was a little much sometimes throughout. I would definitely give it a watch on your list this weekend! :) 

The next showing here, is Interstellar on Friday 25th September. I am excited for this one, as I haven't seen it yet, so will write up once I have! 
Get more info here on the cinema!

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