Friday, 11 September 2015

Eating TV Shows

Yes, you read right, eating them. I watch a lot of TV shows online, and I just can’t seem to get enough of them. Like a good pic n mix, there is such a variety of them out there that I just want to inhale the delicious TV shows… And the pic n mix obviously!

So, at my now ripe, not-so-old-please-hush age of 28, I have put down my glow sticks, and my high heeled stilettos on a weekend. Whereas before I was always ready to party, I am now ready to catch up on the various Netflix offerings, or huge long running shows, to get stuck into and relax.

I guess things change, in your late twenties, and other options become more appealing, than having sticky feet on a dance floor, holding your mates hair back while she’s got her head down the toilet bowl and paying ridiculous amounts into the latest club in the scene. Not that I won’t do that on occasion, ladies, it is just that I prefer this option right now. It isn’t a sad way of living; it’s one I’ve chosen, and one I thoroughly enjoy doing, after having earned my time to chill out in this stage of my life. 

Here is my favourite chill spot, in Bodrum Turkey at the Starbucks on the harbour, drinking Starbucks, my coffee obsession!

Well, I hear you say what do you enjoy watching? Anything, and everything. I honestly give every show a go. I look at the good looking cast first, come on now, I want something to watch! Then, I see what is trending on twitter, recently True Blood, Game Of Thrones and Mad Men have all been up there this year. Yes I did sob at the Mad Men finale. I watched all the seasons in 6 weeks, then found out the end final was that week. Devastated to say the least, however I am truly glad to have enjoyed such a show. My favorite shows are  comic book ones, so Arrow (fit!), The Flash, Gotham, as I love the escapism of it all, out of my boring life in accounts, into the crazy world that they live in.

Currently, my show of choice is Supernatural. Yes, I am older, but my goodness they are fine human beings. So about 3 weeks ago I gave it a shot, and now here I am 23 days later, onto season 8* out of 10, addicted, eating up that show like my life depends on it! That is my life-time achievement right there!

 Photo tasken from IBMD online.

I am genuinely writing this, counting down until I get home, and enjoy my well-earned Sam time. That is me, not the guy in the show, but he is pretty good to enjoy too… Err tangent. Yes, so I think when we move on from the early stages of our twenties, as much as I love to enjoy life, I love being this person too, hooked on TV shows, enjoying the spare time I have. Of course, my blog is a passion too, but it’s nice to also have discovered other ways of enjoying life, as thirty approaches me too.

I feel like there are SO many other TV shows to get stuck into too! So send your suggestions please, I am always open to on twitter, and it also a brilliant way to chat, and get to know someone through too. As, at my age, a lot of people have gone off, and the friend pool is a little lacking, and so this is the best part of my life right now, use a hashtag and make some new friends out of this, obsession. We’ll use the word, but I’d say it is a little strong, maybe. If you’re into a TV show, or movie franchise, books or bands, you’ll totally get the eating TV shows phrase I went for!

*I actually watched the whole lot in 1 month and 1 day. I feel proud of that binge watching session, and recently completed Justified in a week. Clearly going places with my life..!


  1. You should watch Pretty Little Liars's its so addictive you'll be hooked!

    1. Ooh I have! I am unsure about the latest reveAl though! Cannot wait to see how it all fits, once it's back! :)


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