Thursday, 24 September 2015

Marks and Spencer favourites

In the last Marks& Spencer sale I got these 3 gorgeous tops! 

I love the crochet on the hems and sleeves, I have quite a few of these style tops! 

This was £9 and I wore it to Leeds Festival! It is super loose and comfy! 

This beauty was only £7! 
So me and Mum grabbed one. We tend to have a few matching tops! Ha. 

Then i went back for this gorgeous pink stripe with lace/ crochet effect, as i had spent so little on the first two tops! 

I've been saving them for a good occassion as they're so pretty! 
There's always lots of amazing fashionable pieces in Marks & Spencer ! I love it in there! :) 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Film Review - Everest

I know I don't usually do many film reviews, but I am thinking of branching out, as I watch SO many, like I watch at least 5 a week!
Anyhow, last night I decided on Everest, newly out, I thought I'd give a watch. 

Everest is set in 1996, about an expidition that went unbelivably wrong, while trying to conquer the worlds largest mountain.

It is set in May, which is the best time to climb to the summit, as the weather is best that time of year up the mount of Everest, but the film shows that that year in 1996, the weather had been particularly bad, and had forced all the groups, to choose the same weekend, whereas usually they are spaced out. This in turn caused a bottle neck, on the ledge, and at the camps before the summit.

Half way through I got curious, how true to life was this blockbuster of a film, it seemed incredible, that their tour guides let them all congregate and go up the mount, even when the conditions worsened the night prior to the climb, there were no warnings or stops put in place. Then comes the lack of ropes in place, where the sherpas were supposed to set them. The lack of oxygen. The last phone call. It must be Hollywood land making it up and exgagerating as usual.

Nope, it all happened. They all decided that May 11 1996 was the day to clim to the top, the summit. I read up that 2pm is the usual cut off to enter onto the camp IV, before the summit, but due to all the climbers the bottle neck forced people to try after the cut off, which in turn on their decent, sealed their fates. The lack of Oxygen happens as the climb enters such heights, plus their tanks were below, yet the altitude sickness made people think they were empty. The last phone call happened on the mountain. 

It is such a shockingly moving movie and I would definitely recommend seeing it in all it's awe. It's an IMAX film too, so the definition of the events will be breathtaking, and yes, I did cry a lot at that last phone call. I am also very much freaked out at the thought of the poor people still there, their bodies frozen in the ice, and named "Rainbow Valley" due to all the colourful snowboots and ski coats. Awful.

However, the characters portrayed got a great rememberance, the heart wrenching performance by Keira Knightly as the phone call taker, and Jake Gyllenhaal's final moments in the snow are sad. It is a great movie and the realisation that we are all mortal rings true in this.

My source of information while watching the film was taking from here.
All photos from film webpage.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Air Patrol - New from Benefit

As a HUGE Benefit Cosmetics fan, I always grab the new products on release. The new launch product this month Air Patrol, is an eyelid primer. Which yes, when I first heard about it, I was a little dubious, as do I actually need it...?

Well, after thorough research on Air Patrol , the conclusion is, yes I do! It is an eye primer, which is excellent for my eyeshadow sticking around longer than my walk to work, but also has an SPF in it, SPF 20, which if you think about it, your eyes are constantly the body part out there in the elements all the time!

So the Air Patrol primer is in a pen like tube, which clicks, a lot like the They're Real liner range, with one lick up pops the liquid primer! The applicator tip is a memory foam material, which got my attention straight away, as I know all about that foam, as I work for a Bed manufacturing company!

Only 1 lick per eye says the tube, however, I only needed one click for both eyes, so be sure not to double click to quick. That is a lot of Ks...!

The Air Patrol primer is a yellow toned formula, so that all the dark and redness can covered with this.

As you can see on my right lid (left on this photo) I have Air Patrol, and on my left lid (right on this photo), nothing. The difference is excellent, and so I have worn this, this week on it's own, to even out my lids. 

Plus , when using with a shadow or eyeliner, it has lasted me all day, where as with no primer, my eyeshadow is gone by the time I reach work!

I am really pleased with this primer, the quirky packaging always draws my attentions, and it is a little pricey, but as it is Benefit Cosmetics, and the tip is delightful to use, compared to other primers out there, I am more than happy to pay the price tag of £21.50, plus I got some cute samples when I ordered! :)

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Boots Beauty Event

Boots the chemist had an excellent event on this past weekend! 
All in aid of Macmillan cancer charity, you could get yourself a make over and goody bag for only £3. The proceeds all went to Macmillan! Excellent!

I went to Boots in Wakefield on the Sunday, and headed to the No7 counter where we focused on my eyes. I opted for a smokey eye, and to try out the new Airbrush Away foundation by the brand!

The No7 advisor talked all the way through, telling me how to create the smokey eye, which brushes were best and how to use the various shades. 
Sadly, as I'd been there for 45 mins, I had to go, so could only leave with the shadow, and I applied mascara and liner once I got home!

I was really pleased with the end result, and after handing my £3 over, I got given a goody bag! It had in this little lot

So excited to try out this cheek Pop and Glow cream blush, as I love the No7 Radiance Glow highlighter stick, of the same style!

I had a good time at the counter, check out Boots online to sign up for more events soon! Christmas ones will be coming up soon enough! :)

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Film review : New Picture House - A Street Car named Desire

I popped along to the New Picture House cinema in Dewsbury again this past weekend, I've visited a few times and wrote about it here.

The film playing on Sunday was a golden oldie, A Street Car Named Desire, and for only £4 a ticket here, at the cute cinema in my home town, why not head down to check it out!

I got there, paid my £4 ticket fee, and immediately ordered a curry pots, which are excellently tasty, and perfect my lunch the next day. These are £2.50! Bargain or what?!

I sat down at the showing didn't start until 7.30pm, and I was there a little early, but it is lovely to look out over our little town, to see the amazing view from up on the 3rd floor of the New Picture House.

So, onto the film. I love films, let me admit this first. I used to study film at college, which got me into all the old cinema releases, but I haven't actually seen A Street Car Named Desire, even though I read, and heard about it so much!

The film stars Marlon Brando, Vivienne Leigh and Kim Hunter, as the main charcters in this black and white drama set in the '50s. Leigh plays Blanche DuBois, the sister who comes to stay with Stella played by Hunter and Stanley, played by Brando, and who outstays here welcome and causes great havoc for the married couple. The stories of Blanche unravel throughout the picture, and come to a sharp head, at the films climax. 

All the way through, from the offset I was thinking, Blanche is a nut case, as her portrayal was wild and chaotic, but excellent viewing!

As it is the quirky old style cinema, there is an interval, where you can grab a slice of homemade cake for £1.50, which was lemon drizzle this week, or a drink from the full licensed bar and chill out for 30 minutes. I like it, as my bum goes numb sometimes at the cinema, so I love the break, ha!

Seeing Marlon Brando so young was a pleasure also, as he was a total babe, let's be honest, and his acting throughout was a great skill. 

I really enjoyed the film, and would probably watch it again, as it is surely a classic, maybe not a defining one, but a great watch, and I love seeing their outfits, back in that time.

I would give the film a 4 out of 5, as I really enjoyed watching, but the chaos Blanche caused was a little much sometimes throughout. I would definitely give it a watch on your list this weekend! :) 

The next showing here, is Interstellar on Friday 25th September. I am excited for this one, as I haven't seen it yet, so will write up once I have! 
Get more info here on the cinema!

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Silver and Goth

One of my friends has set up her own jewellery line, and it is uber goth!

The Silver and Goth brand, is full of skulls, pentagrams and everything a little goth girl like me needs in her life! 

The jewellery line is full of kitch pieces, lots of skulls and just really great designs, think Empty Casket or Regal Rose, but a fraction of the price!

Picture from the SilverAnd Goth website.

I went for a Galaxy Moon necklace, as I know it will look gorgeous with any outfit I wear, and the colours within a galaxy print are my favourite! I love the purples and pinks, just like my Black Milk Galaxy Print leggings which are beauts! 

The items came wrapped in a cute little package, the paper bag striped Beatlejuice-esque, and inside the necklace was wrapped up in a red drawstring organza bag. 
I love little touches like that, and the amazing business card, and gift tag. The little things, make for a great business! It also arrived super quickly, so 10/10 for service there! :)

Grab some unique pieces today, at the website here!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Eating TV Shows

Yes, you read right, eating them. I watch a lot of TV shows online, and I just can’t seem to get enough of them. Like a good pic n mix, there is such a variety of them out there that I just want to inhale the delicious TV shows… And the pic n mix obviously!

So, at my now ripe, not-so-old-please-hush age of 28, I have put down my glow sticks, and my high heeled stilettos on a weekend. Whereas before I was always ready to party, I am now ready to catch up on the various Netflix offerings, or huge long running shows, to get stuck into and relax.

I guess things change, in your late twenties, and other options become more appealing, than having sticky feet on a dance floor, holding your mates hair back while she’s got her head down the toilet bowl and paying ridiculous amounts into the latest club in the scene. Not that I won’t do that on occasion, ladies, it is just that I prefer this option right now. It isn’t a sad way of living; it’s one I’ve chosen, and one I thoroughly enjoy doing, after having earned my time to chill out in this stage of my life. 

Here is my favourite chill spot, in Bodrum Turkey at the Starbucks on the harbour, drinking Starbucks, my coffee obsession!

Well, I hear you say what do you enjoy watching? Anything, and everything. I honestly give every show a go. I look at the good looking cast first, come on now, I want something to watch! Then, I see what is trending on twitter, recently True Blood, Game Of Thrones and Mad Men have all been up there this year. Yes I did sob at the Mad Men finale. I watched all the seasons in 6 weeks, then found out the end final was that week. Devastated to say the least, however I am truly glad to have enjoyed such a show. My favorite shows are  comic book ones, so Arrow (fit!), The Flash, Gotham, as I love the escapism of it all, out of my boring life in accounts, into the crazy world that they live in.

Currently, my show of choice is Supernatural. Yes, I am older, but my goodness they are fine human beings. So about 3 weeks ago I gave it a shot, and now here I am 23 days later, onto season 8* out of 10, addicted, eating up that show like my life depends on it! That is my life-time achievement right there!

 Photo tasken from IBMD online.

I am genuinely writing this, counting down until I get home, and enjoy my well-earned Sam time. That is me, not the guy in the show, but he is pretty good to enjoy too… Err tangent. Yes, so I think when we move on from the early stages of our twenties, as much as I love to enjoy life, I love being this person too, hooked on TV shows, enjoying the spare time I have. Of course, my blog is a passion too, but it’s nice to also have discovered other ways of enjoying life, as thirty approaches me too.

I feel like there are SO many other TV shows to get stuck into too! So send your suggestions please, I am always open to on twitter, and it also a brilliant way to chat, and get to know someone through too. As, at my age, a lot of people have gone off, and the friend pool is a little lacking, and so this is the best part of my life right now, use a hashtag and make some new friends out of this, obsession. We’ll use the word, but I’d say it is a little strong, maybe. If you’re into a TV show, or movie franchise, books or bands, you’ll totally get the eating TV shows phrase I went for!

*I actually watched the whole lot in 1 month and 1 day. I feel proud of that binge watching session, and recently completed Justified in a week. Clearly going places with my life..!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

My weekly billiant bargains email I set up!

Everyone loves a good bargain right? Well, I do! So I set up my own weekly email, to tell everyone about amazing bargains!

The recession was still very much upon us (and still is) and back in 2013, I had lost a day in my working week, having to go down to 4 day weeks, in order to keep my job. Bad times, but instead of wallowing in that, I did something about it. I started scouring the internet for money saving ways, and how to get the looks of the celebs, but for much cheaper.

I set up a weekly email of bargains, mainly beauty bargains, but I do take in the feedback, and find other content which people need and want in their lives. It’s a 70+ strong following now, of my friends, colleagues and online people, and a weekly thing I am proud of, as I know it helps a lot of people.

I am back to the full time job now, but I have carried it on, going into the 63rd week of sending the weekly email, packed full of beauty bargains, free samples and the best deals I can find.

Here I will give you a snapshot, of how you can save money, if you don’t already know, and tell you this, it’s ok if you have no money, as there’s so many bargains out there, that there’ll always be something to grab as a cheer up.

  Beauty Counters 
Make overs are usually free, and they’ll use their products on you, and sometimes offer samples. OK, I kind have the gift of the gab, and I am a cheeky person, but it doesn’t hurt to ask eh? If you get a sample, try it out and you can always set up a “Sample Saturday” on your blog!

Magazine recycling 
People do this already right? I do it with the work girls, we all read our magazines, then bring them in to swap with each other, that way you can read them all, for a fraction of the cost. Sometimes we’ll each buy one, and then swap. 

Swap shop 
Best day ever when people bring in their unwanted shampoo, skincare and nail polish. It’s shopping but swapping!

    Oh freebies – My one true love. I love a freebie. Scourer the internet, type “Freebie” into the twitter search bars, or if you’re lazy sign up to my mail, and sign up for the delights that come through the post! 

Points Cards 
Debenhams have free samples with theirs. Boots offer samples sometimes, or build up the points and spend on Chanel and feel fabulous (yeah I do that!) and remember you coffee points cards. Alright so that one isn’t beauty, but you’ll need a sit down and drink, after shopping away at all the counters.

Think about all those counters, Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Harvey Nichols, a beauty haven, and on Sundays it is super quiet, so go treat you and your mum, or best friend to a freebie facial or make over! I do that quite often, and I love it. 

I think the freebies section on my email is the most popular, and I love scouring the magazine, shops and online for all the beauty bargains, as it fills me with joy… Or lust. Plus the fact that I’m helping people who are in need of a pick me up, is a pretty special feeling too!

So, you're all very welcome to join my weekly email, just email me at and i'll add you! 
It goes out every Tuesday, and is filled with beauty, supermarket deals and everything you'll need to save money! :)

Freebies grabbed in the past week

Who doesn't love a cheeky free sample? I for one, like to try before i buy and so freebies are the things i look for on brand counters o...