Friday, 28 August 2015

What's in my festival handbag?

I did little bags of fun/ a survival kit for my first timer friends at the beginning of there, see all that here. 

Now it is my turn to show you my essentials! 

Bag - My 2013 Topshop suede stud bag is my favourite, I take it everywhere! So easy to sling over my body. 

Money - lots needed for refreshments, a lanyard with stages times and food with it about 5 times more expensive than normal, but so tasty!

Pac a Mac - it will be sunny, then rain, then subby, then hot, boiling, then thunder... You get the idea of the crazy Leeds Festival weather!
So pac a mac, I also have a Poundland emergency poncho, aint nothing ruining me seeing Limp Bizkit on Sat night! 

Sunglasses - see above. Plus I look cool in pictures. 

Hand sanitiser - toilets, back in and do NOT look down! Use, and bathe in the sanitiser! 

Sun stick - I am taken the Elizabeth Arden sun stick, as it is super quick to use on my nose, face and shoulders if needed! I wrote about that beauty here.

Wet wipes - my favourite brand Wet Ones smell so good in the citrus smell! These are for the toulet situation, but also for the super tasty food, which will end up in my hair when windy, and all around my face when enjoying the refreshments! 

Mascara - I'm either taking this or an eyeliner, as I love a mid afternoon touch up. By night, I will not be bothered about that and will be thinking of my nice warm bed! 

Perfume - a bit of an indulgence, but I want to smell ok. 

Lip balm - I'm taking the No7 lip shimmer, with SPF 30 as I suffer with coldsores, and the sun/ elements can cause them! So best to be safe with an SPF. Plus moisture on my smooches is needed in a field all day! 

Lip gloss - Hawaiian Tropic do a brilliant gloss with has SPF 25 and which is perfect for dry lip and cold sore suffers! Great shade of pink too! 

So, apart from my ticket which a friend has and my ID, I think I am all set! Apart from, I'm in two minds about my intax camera, should I take it?!

I paid only £66 a ticket this year, so if you're in two minds about Leeds/ Reading Festival GO! It is SO much fun! I love festivals, and try to get to at least one a year! 

So excited for tomorrow, and apart from Limp Bizkit, I'm easy on seeing anyone. It will be a great day! 
I'm gonna post my outfit on Sat morning, so you can see what's what, and no doubt there'll be some round up on here next week! :)


  1. Some great tips on what to bring to a concert, I've never been but I've always wanted to go to one

    Emma emhasrednails

    1. Ahh you should! It is my favourite time, to be watching a band and escaping from real life :)


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