Thursday, 20 August 2015


Hey, look at me in with the trends! So, strobing is a word being thrown around a lot, think highlighting of the face, to get that holiday glow. 

On Friday, Benefit Cosmetics head make - up artist, Lisa Potter-Dixon uploaded a tutorial on it here
After watching it, on Saturday I thought I'd give it a go, as I LOVE my holiday glow! 

Here are the products I used; 

Here is my before photo

Onto how, and what order... 
A lovely brightening effect for the base! 

My favorite summer product which is a liquid highlighter Sun Beam by Benefit Cosmetics

A bit of bronzing powder now, I used Hoola by Benefit Cosmetics

I used Hoola On my cheeks and my temple. 

Then to highlight a little more, use another highlighter, either the liquids again, or I went for Watts Up by Benefit Cosmetics
Recently I have used this loads, under my brow bone and cheeks, but here I used it on my nose too! 

To give a little colour to my cheeks, I used this Ted Baker pink bronzer, that I got in last years Christmas set! 

The pink shade is a great blush for cheeks. 
Next up is my eyes, for which I used the gold shade in this Avon eye pallette and a Ted Baker gold eye pencil, which I also got in the Christmas set last year!

I love the Ted Baker pencil and as you can see my Avon pallette is already well used! 
Lastly is my lips, I used the Ted Baker gold pencil again, or the cupids bow and along the middle of my lip.
Then for gloss I used Hoola by Benefit Cosmetics, which is my favourite of late! 

I really like the neutral colour that Hoola gives. 

So, the final photo is below and I really enjoyed having a go at this strobing craze! 

I like the colour that I got from the strobing effect here, and will definitely do this again when my tan has faded a little :) 


  1. This looks so nice and glowey! I've been using Barry M's new highlight pencil - uber cheap but provides that glow!

    1. I love a good highlighters, and so surprised how well I glowed with this! :) I'll check out the Barry M pencil soon! :)

  2. you have a gawjus blog here !!! had a good read :D great post :)

    would love a comment on my new video

    have a wonderful day :)


  3. Love this look! The glowy bronzey look really suits you! xx



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