Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Slate NQ in Leeds

I was invited to check out Slate NQ in Leeds this week, to try out their food and cocktails, how could I refuse?!

As it was a cocktail taster, I took along my Mum, who has been asking to go for a girly cocktail, ever since my post about our cool night here

I arrive at 3pm, up at the beautiful tudor style building with the blue neon sign "Slate" on the top of the door, and was greeted by Olly, a cool looking barman who explained about the pool tables. Some of the tables were upstairs and downstairs, and we was offered 1 hour of pool, a cocktail and a pizza. Yum yum!

Slate NQ is a pool bar, and I assume the name slate, is due to the pool tables presence. 
You see pool tables have slate on with the cloth over them. So I will presume they are cheeky smart, and came up with the name there! 

The cocktails are all signature ones to Slate NQ, and are delcious! I took along my mum, who had never had a fancy cocktail in Leeds, and she went for the Ginger Collins, as she loves gin and ginger ale! I however, love vodka, so went for the Northern Heights cocktail, which as blueberry vodka in, right up my street full of fruity yumminess! There's a menu on their website, so you can check out and salivate over which cocktail you're going to have before rocking up there!

We sat down, and chose the large margarita pizza, as mum is veggie, and watched as the pizza was handmade, from scratch by the Slate NQ chef, in the proper pizza oven. 
I love little touches like that! You can see the Slate NQ menu here.

Olly was lovely, and made sure everything we had was ok. I know you're thinking, well yeah you were there to review, ahh but I watched other staff members treat their customers in the same way, but taking the time and appriciating them being there. Like this one couple asking questions about the building, the staff member was happy to inform them, as well as listen to them also. Very nice customer service!

We enjoyed the pizza, with the tasty tomato and garlic sauce, and of course mozarella cheese on, which was oven hot, but so enjoyable. It made the perfect accompanyment to cocktails, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, and went down a treat!

There was music playing in the bar, which was of an indie variety, but by the look of their twitter, they have a DJ playing on weekends, which will just add to the cool, laid back vibe, and make your gaming night complete.

We sat inside, but there was plenty of room outside, with a range of tables and lots of people enjoying the glorious sunshine. I could see why the Slate NQ bar was pulling in the crowds, and it will definitely do brilliantly once the students are back living in Leeds!

I really enjoyed the cocktails at Slate NQ, (and my mum is actually going to bring dad over next week, she enjoyed it that much.) 
The cocktail prices range from £7 upwards, but there are other drinks too, such as craft ales and the usual ciders. 
The pool tables are £6 for half and hour use and food is served daily. 

With such friendly staff, an amazing atmosphere and lovely range of cocktails, I am already planning another trip over myself, with some friends. 
Be sure to check out Slate NQ soon!

As I was invited, this is a sponsored post& the menu served was complimentary.


  1. This place looks yummy! I've never been to Leeds before but that Northern Heights cocktail looks right up my street!xx

    Honeypot Blogs

    1. It was so delcious. Definitely check it out sometime! :)

  2. how cool, the drinks look amazing!

    danielle | avec danielle


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