Friday, 21 August 2015

Relaxing with a face mask

For 20p how could I leave this on the clearance shelf in Boots?! 
Plus, I've always seen Montagne Jeunesse masks, with their pretty ladies on the front and wanted to try them, but I've never really been a face mask kinda girl, as I feel a bit silly sitting with it on. 
That being said, here I was on Sunday giving it a go, with a Black Seaweed face mask.

It's really great to see that Montagne Jeunesse are endorsed by PETA and all vegan/ organic. I hate the chemical smell of some facial products. I like natural smells on my face too. So an excellent choice here! 

The instructions were pretty simple, in 4 easy steps and ones which last 15-20 mins. I sat back and watched half a TV show in that time. 

Before photo

The Black Seaweed mask is black, and smells of seaweed. Not sure what else I was expecting. It was very seaweed smelling, like walking past it on the beach. 

Ah well, black for a goth like me, I guess! 

Me looking awesome! But not as black as the lady on the packet! 
However, I was covered, and sat back for 20mins with my TV show. 

It tightened within the 20 minutes and felt a little weird, yet not uncomfortable though. 

Then came the peeling off of the mask!

Probably the best bit about the process. So soothing to remove this. 
Like PVA glue in school... Anyone?! 

Then the end my face was smooth and refreshed. 
No major spots popped up, which, I admit, is what I usually expect with facials!

I guess you can't really see a difference but my face feels so nice after using and so I am definitely a face mask convert after this! 

The packet says use weekly, so inam going to try and keep up with it and have one every Sunday, as the usual price of £1 for Montagne Jeunesse masks is a bargain! 

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