Thursday, 27 August 2015

My Friday night cinema trip!

 At the moment, I am really into my films, and try and visit the cinema once a week. 
In fact I am going to pass my driving test soon, just so I can get to the cinema, as my town doesn't have one and the closest is a short bus ride. Terrible for a film addict like myself!

So, as I mentioned, the town I live in, is a pretty run down town, with not much there, however, before you set up a funding page for us poor people, check out this cute cinema we now have! 

Only playing a couple films a month, the small New Picture House cinema has some great titles on the list, like this week's Mad Max: fury Road or next months Interstellar

New Picture House is in the heart of Dewsbury, and up 4 flights of stairs, where it has the most awesome view, a fully licensed bar and great food treats on offer! 

Just look at that view, out of the window up there!
The cinema is a one room space, it has a proper cinema feel as well as excellent staff to make you feel welcome! 

At only £4 a ticket for that nights film it is so worth a trip down there! 
And for £10, out of my purse, I managed to buy my ticket, a £2.50 curry pot with rice AND drinks AND cake!!

Also, I was super pleased that Mad Max: Fury Road was showing as I haven't managed to catch it yet, and it didn't disappoint, nothing at all to do with Tom Hardy, nuh uh..!

So, if you're in the area, or fancy a trip over, be sure to check out the cute cinema, New Picture House soon! 

Next showing is Sunday 13th September, the film is A Streetcar Named Desire, or if you want a blockbuster, then Interstellar is showing on Friday 26th September!

Check out their website here for more information!

Do you have any cool places in your hometown like this? :)


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