Monday, 24 August 2015

My Festival survival kit for friends!

I am getting excited as on Saturday me and some friends are heading to Leeds Festival for the day! Yes! Love a great festival, especially one which is 20 minutes away from me!
It's a first for them, but me being a festival veteran, I thought I'd make them a survival kit for the day on Saturday!

It's full of things for before, during and after and all basic needs for the festival experience. 

Dry shampoo - spray some on at an arms length, and it should help your hair last the day! 

Primer - needed for the make up staying in tact! 

Bobble - half way through the day I am usually fed up of fighting the wind/ hair combo! 

Sun lotion - I ALWAYS wear it, whenever I am outdoors. Those UV rays are sneaky chaps! 

Skin cream - perfect for afterwards, when your face has braved the elements you'll want to soothe it! 

Wet wipe - (yellow middle packet) NEEDED always! 

Mascara - touch ups during the day can be great! 

Plasters - you never know with those wellies and walking! 

Lipgloss or balm - those lips need to be hydrated in this weather! 

Fragrance packet - lovely for half way through the day, maybe after braving those toilets! 

Hand gel - always a need for hand sanitiser! 

I think with these goodies bags that I've made, I covered everything! 

These last bits I'll be popping in for the day after are paracetamol and a coffee sachet! As there's a lot of drink talk, so we'll be rocking the bank holiday banger! 

What festival tips do you have? 
Have I missed any essentials out?! :)

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