Friday, 14 August 2015

London again

London, I can never tired of visiting, as there is always SO much to see and do!

Also, there is a train direct from the local station, whcih if booked in advance, is only £11.20 each way on the Grand Central railway train! Bargain or what? 
The train is from the local station Mirfield at 8.30am, direct to London Kings Cross.
So Mum and I book a couple of trips a year to go, once in winter and once in summer. This weekend just gone, being our summer trip.

8.30am is an early start for a Sunday, but so worth it to enjoy the perks of London. 
We do tend to stick to the Picadilly Line on the Tube, which is the main one for the shopping areas we want.
 Like Harrods, which is now my favourite shop down there in the Capital!

We always visit Harrods which is located in the Knightsbridge area of London, and ALWAYS spend our money pretty much straight away too! Ha. 

Inside there is the Egyptian escalator, where you can marvel at it's wonder and oh so beautiful decor.

We go straight to the souviners, but always find time for the Food Hall in Harrods, so that we can treat ourselves to one of the various pastries on offer.

I mean look at them all, so delcious!
Here is me with all my bags, barely being able to carry my loot!

So, off we popped to Leicester Square, to have a sit down, then visit M&M World, for a few early Christmas treats! 

Crispy M&Ms are my favourite that I can get hold of, so I stocked up on a 1KG bag while visiting! Yum! Going to munch those a lot!

Picadilly Circus tube stop up next, then up Regent Street, then onto Carnaby Street for my beloved Benefit Cosmetics boutique shop. Where, I actually didn't spend a penny! Shock, horror, but I am trying to wait until Christmas for major spends on new products!

Then, by the time we'd walked up and down Regent Street and in various shops, the heat was immense, and we were super tired, so headed back for our train at 19.22pm, back to Mirfield!

Here's everything I bought that day, including the free Estee Lauder Little Black Primer, my huge bag of M&Ms, which came with a £3 Star Wars M&M blanket and the Harrods Christmas Bear, that my mum has collected for 15 years, and which has been a Limited Edition Christmas item for 30 years! So, thought I may as well join tradition and start collecting also! :)

Have you visited London? Where are your favourite places to check out and see?


Be sure to comment and let me know what you think!

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