Thursday, 13 August 2015

Little Black Beauty!

Yes, late to this party of awesomeness I KNOW, but Little Black Primer by Estee Lauder, is into my firm favourites!

As I had been to Harrods a few times this summer, when I was browsing the Estee Lauder counter, there was a leaflet I picked up, which said if you have a 3 minute make over, there was a Little Black Primer 6ml given out, for free. Yes, free, in Harrods!

Now, the leaflet did state the dates of 1st-8th August, and I picked this up in July, knowing I'd be going on 9th August, but thoguth I'd give it a go anyways, no harm in asking. 
AND the Estee Lauder counter had them left yes! 
I got my primer given, for FREE. Yes, free. 
(I wish I'd taken a picture of the card now, but I didn't think this would even happen!)

It was only upon getting home, I realised that 6ml is the full size! So I got it for free! Ahhh amazing, as the RRP has a £20 tag.

Onto what it actually does; 
"Tint. Amplify. Set. "
Is the tag line on the Estee lauder website, which is exactly spot on.

I am currently wearing it as a mascara, so it has a slight tint for my lashes, not at all heavy and looks subtle.
Or, you can wear it as a sort of lash base coat, then build them up with your mascara, so that it acts as a primer and keeps everything in place, and helps stop flaking.
Plus with it being said to amplify, it helps that lift and volume you always want from mascara. Or I do anyways!

So 3 in one, possibly more great things to do with this little black beauty! I shall stick to it on it's own for now, I think. Absolutely loving it!

Just a tint of black on my lashes, if perfect for the office (When I can't be bothered!)
I now confess, that for years, I have not tried out Estee Lauder as, I saw them as a older generation type of brand, but how wrong was I?! 
A girl at work often gets the huge Christmas set, and has been bringing in bits from it, as she has a few of these wonderous beauty kits have built up over the years. 
I regularly get items such as Take It Away make up remover, Sumptuous Bold Volume mascara, Night Repair serum. I know, I'm onto a winner here! 
I blogged about the last little lot of loot I got from her, here.

I will definitely have to invest in the new Little Black Liner, to match this product now too! :)

also, if you like my liner look, check out my earlier post of what I used here.

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