Friday, 7 August 2015

High Five, Guys!

So, Five Guys is a burger bar that I heard SO much about, but never saw the opporunity to try them out.
Until I spotted the restaurant still open at 11.30pm in London the other week!

Yeah, cool, London...

Anyway, my gal pals and I had already enjoyed a few cocktails, and were heading home when we saw the shop open and went in, as who can say no to a juicy burger?! Plus it was established in 1986, err hello we're meant to be, being born the same year!

For those of you new to Five Guys (like me) here is how it works:
The menu is all beef burgers, cheese burgers, hamburgers and bacon cheese burgers.

You can then decide on what toppings you would like on your burger;
Green peppers
Fried onions
HP sauce
Hot sauce
BBQ sauce

...And now my mouth is watering, in a homer Simpson style... Mmm burgers...

..Erm, ahem, so, choose your toppings, and any sides you'd want to have, like their excellent skin on fries "Five Guys Style Fries" yum yum yum!

And off you pop to wait for your order.

Also a quirky extra inside, is their peanuts, which I assume is the oil they use to cook? You can grab a tray, while you wait for your juicy, dripping with goodness burger.. Mmm burger...

After a wait for what seems like a decade, but is probably around 2 minutes, your burger is here "Aahhhh" *light shines down from heaven*

Here is how it arrives...

The numbers are great, as these indicate the order of the burger, so there were 3 of us, I was 2nd to order, which is why there's "2" stick on my burger!
Time to tuck in!

The burger is two meat pattys, plenty of cheese on top,  two rashers of bacon on (if you ordered cheese & bacon that is!)
The Five Guys burger isn't too fat that you can't get you mouth around it, the fillings stay inside, and don't slide, and those fries are a perfect accompanyment for all the greasy yumminess! 

It took around 3 seconds for me to inhale the buger, then I munched through the enormous fries, which say large, they mean XXXXXXL size packed into the large drinks cup! 
I mean seriously, look at all the fries we have on the table!

Talking of drinks, I need to head back there soon, as they have every flavour EVER of soft drinks, soda, pop, whatever you might call it. 
Like, apple cola, vanilla, bubblegum (unsure if I made that one up...!) 

I have a confession; after eating this delcious Five Guys in London, I went on to eat 2 more in the Five Guys Leeds restaurant, that is how good the burgers are.

I'd say the price is a little heavy, but it is SO worth it!
 and so, I think I might go again this week after talking about it again, and drooling on my desk.
There's a few locations of Five Guys now, so be sure to check them out ASAP! Link here!


  1. Five Guys is incredible, although a little expensive, you have to treat yourself every once in a while! xx

    1. I am still lusting for one now, and I wrote this yesterday! ha! Yeah slightly more than I would normally pay for a burger, but a great treat. :)


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