Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Asos stylish autumn scarves!

I saw these gorgeous scarves on Asos this week and had to snap them up! 
Even better, that they were in the sale! Amazing! 

It is perfect for my style, of kind of goth, all in black look, I always wear a scalf in winter, actually I have a LOT, I could basically open a shop and finally, there's a UNICORN ON IT! Like, I knew with the star, zodiac print that it would be cool, but I hit the jackpot here. 
This scarf is everyday perfect. 

Camel colour isn't usually a print I would go for, but this star print caught my eye and I just had to snap it up! 

I actually saw the stylish blogger Leanne over at Thunder and Threads,  rocking it, and was lusting after this beauty, and luckily I spotted it in the sale! 

It's like woah over-sized, but will be so great for when the cold snap hits, as I always need to wrap up on those long, cold walks to work in the dull months! 

I actually don't usually shop at Asos for clothes, but always for accessories as they always have such cool pieces, these two proving that!
So happy with these purchases, and can not wait to see what else they have to offer now that summer is just about over! :)

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