Liz Earle is the one for me!

I always go back to Liz Earle in my skincare. I don't often stick to a full on routine every night. 
I just use wipes, and sometimes a micellar water. But when I want to use a cleanser, I always reach for my hot cloth clleanser!

The smell, the feel on my face and the actual cleanse are a delight. I really enjoy every moment of the routine of this Liz Earle product.

Afterwards my face feels genuinely refreshed. When I first read about this product, i was like "yeah riiiight, you been sent the freebies and the sunshines out..." You get the idea. 
But no really, this is a firm favourite of mine and I pay my good money for it! 

What are the products you always reach for again and again? 

I'm off to Leeds Festival!

Used all this make up! 

Lots of SPF and primers in there! Of course doing my blue double liner eye, with the No7 mermaid liner! 

And this is what i'm wearing

Parka, khaki top, funky topshop earrings and a good old primark headband! 

And of course, these on the bottom! 

I'm off now! So excited!! Bye :) 

What's in my festival handbag?

I did little bags of fun/ a survival kit for my first timer friends at the beginning of there, see all that here. 

Now it is my turn to show you my essentials! 

Bag - My 2013 Topshop suede stud bag is my favourite, I take it everywhere! So easy to sling over my body. 

Money - lots needed for refreshments, a lanyard with stages times and food with it about 5 times more expensive than normal, but so tasty!

Pac a Mac - it will be sunny, then rain, then subby, then hot, boiling, then thunder... You get the idea of the crazy Leeds Festival weather!
So pac a mac, I also have a Poundland emergency poncho, aint nothing ruining me seeing Limp Bizkit on Sat night! 

Sunglasses - see above. Plus I look cool in pictures. 

Hand sanitiser - toilets, back in and do NOT look down! Use, and bathe in the sanitiser! 

Sun stick - I am taken the Elizabeth Arden sun stick, as it is super quick to use on my nose, face and shoulders if needed! I wrote about that beauty here.

Wet wipes - my favourite brand Wet Ones smell so good in the citrus smell! These are for the toulet situation, but also for the super tasty food, which will end up in my hair when windy, and all around my face when enjoying the refreshments! 

Mascara - I'm either taking this or an eyeliner, as I love a mid afternoon touch up. By night, I will not be bothered about that and will be thinking of my nice warm bed! 

Perfume - a bit of an indulgence, but I want to smell ok. 

Lip balm - I'm taking the No7 lip shimmer, with SPF 30 as I suffer with coldsores, and the sun/ elements can cause them! So best to be safe with an SPF. Plus moisture on my smooches is needed in a field all day! 

Lip gloss - Hawaiian Tropic do a brilliant gloss with has SPF 25 and which is perfect for dry lip and cold sore suffers! Great shade of pink too! 

So, apart from my ticket which a friend has and my ID, I think I am all set! Apart from, I'm in two minds about my intax camera, should I take it?!

I paid only £66 a ticket this year, so if you're in two minds about Leeds/ Reading Festival GO! It is SO much fun! I love festivals, and try to get to at least one a year! 

So excited for tomorrow, and apart from Limp Bizkit, I'm easy on seeing anyone. It will be a great day! 
I'm gonna post my outfit on Sat morning, so you can see what's what, and no doubt there'll be some round up on here next week! :)

My Friday night cinema trip!

 At the moment, I am really into my films, and try and visit the cinema once a week. 
In fact I am going to pass my driving test soon, just so I can get to the cinema, as my town doesn't have one and the closest is a short bus ride. Terrible for a film addict like myself!

So, as I mentioned, the town I live in, is a pretty run down town, with not much there, however, before you set up a funding page for us poor people, check out this cute cinema we now have! 

Only playing a couple films a month, the small New Picture House cinema has some great titles on the list, like this week's Mad Max: fury Road or next months Interstellar

New Picture House is in the heart of Dewsbury, and up 4 flights of stairs, where it has the most awesome view, a fully licensed bar and great food treats on offer! 

Just look at that view, out of the window up there!
The cinema is a one room space, it has a proper cinema feel as well as excellent staff to make you feel welcome! 

At only £4 a ticket for that nights film it is so worth a trip down there! 
And for £10, out of my purse, I managed to buy my ticket, a £2.50 curry pot with rice AND drinks AND cake!!

Also, I was super pleased that Mad Max: Fury Road was showing as I haven't managed to catch it yet, and it didn't disappoint, nothing at all to do with Tom Hardy, nuh uh..!

So, if you're in the area, or fancy a trip over, be sure to check out the cute cinema, New Picture House soon! 

Next showing is Sunday 13th September, the film is A Streetcar Named Desire, or if you want a blockbuster, then Interstellar is showing on Friday 26th September!

Check out their website here for more information!

Do you have any cool places in your hometown like this? :)

Asos stylish autumn scarves!

I saw these gorgeous scarves on Asos this week and had to snap them up! 
Even better, that they were in the sale! Amazing! 

It is perfect for my style, of kind of goth, all in black look, I always wear a scalf in winter, actually I have a LOT, I could basically open a shop and finally, there's a UNICORN ON IT! Like, I knew with the star, zodiac print that it would be cool, but I hit the jackpot here. 
This scarf is everyday perfect. 

Camel colour isn't usually a print I would go for, but this star print caught my eye and I just had to snap it up! 

I actually saw the stylish blogger Leanne over at Thunder and Threads,  rocking it, and was lusting after this beauty, and luckily I spotted it in the sale! 

It's like woah over-sized, but will be so great for when the cold snap hits, as I always need to wrap up on those long, cold walks to work in the dull months! 

I actually don't usually shop at Asos for clothes, but always for accessories as they always have such cool pieces, these two proving that!
So happy with these purchases, and can not wait to see what else they have to offer now that summer is just about over! :)

Slate NQ in Leeds

I was invited to check out Slate NQ in Leeds this week, to try out their food and cocktails, how could I refuse?!

As it was a cocktail taster, I took along my Mum, who has been asking to go for a girly cocktail, ever since my post about our cool night here

I arrive at 3pm, up at the beautiful tudor style building with the blue neon sign "Slate" on the top of the door, and was greeted by Olly, a cool looking barman who explained about the pool tables. Some of the tables were upstairs and downstairs, and we was offered 1 hour of pool, a cocktail and a pizza. Yum yum!

Slate NQ is a pool bar, and I assume the name slate, is due to the pool tables presence. 
You see pool tables have slate on with the cloth over them. So I will presume they are cheeky smart, and came up with the name there! 

The cocktails are all signature ones to Slate NQ, and are delcious! I took along my mum, who had never had a fancy cocktail in Leeds, and she went for the Ginger Collins, as she loves gin and ginger ale! I however, love vodka, so went for the Northern Heights cocktail, which as blueberry vodka in, right up my street full of fruity yumminess! There's a menu on their website, so you can check out and salivate over which cocktail you're going to have before rocking up there!

We sat down, and chose the large margarita pizza, as mum is veggie, and watched as the pizza was handmade, from scratch by the Slate NQ chef, in the proper pizza oven. 
I love little touches like that! You can see the Slate NQ menu here.

Olly was lovely, and made sure everything we had was ok. I know you're thinking, well yeah you were there to review, ahh but I watched other staff members treat their customers in the same way, but taking the time and appriciating them being there. Like this one couple asking questions about the building, the staff member was happy to inform them, as well as listen to them also. Very nice customer service!

We enjoyed the pizza, with the tasty tomato and garlic sauce, and of course mozarella cheese on, which was oven hot, but so enjoyable. It made the perfect accompanyment to cocktails, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, and went down a treat!

There was music playing in the bar, which was of an indie variety, but by the look of their twitter, they have a DJ playing on weekends, which will just add to the cool, laid back vibe, and make your gaming night complete.

We sat inside, but there was plenty of room outside, with a range of tables and lots of people enjoying the glorious sunshine. I could see why the Slate NQ bar was pulling in the crowds, and it will definitely do brilliantly once the students are back living in Leeds!

I really enjoyed the cocktails at Slate NQ, (and my mum is actually going to bring dad over next week, she enjoyed it that much.) 
The cocktail prices range from £7 upwards, but there are other drinks too, such as craft ales and the usual ciders. 
The pool tables are £6 for half and hour use and food is served daily. 

With such friendly staff, an amazing atmosphere and lovely range of cocktails, I am already planning another trip over myself, with some friends. 
Be sure to check out Slate NQ soon!

As I was invited, this is a sponsored post& the menu served was complimentary.

My Festival survival kit for friends!

I am getting excited as on Saturday me and some friends are heading to Leeds Festival for the day! Yes! Love a great festival, especially one which is 20 minutes away from me!
It's a first for them, but me being a festival veteran, I thought I'd make them a survival kit for the day on Saturday!

It's full of things for before, during and after and all basic needs for the festival experience. 

Dry shampoo - spray some on at an arms length, and it should help your hair last the day! 

Primer - needed for the make up staying in tact! 

Bobble - half way through the day I am usually fed up of fighting the wind/ hair combo! 

Sun lotion - I ALWAYS wear it, whenever I am outdoors. Those UV rays are sneaky chaps! 

Skin cream - perfect for afterwards, when your face has braved the elements you'll want to soothe it! 

Wet wipe - (yellow middle packet) NEEDED always! 

Mascara - touch ups during the day can be great! 

Plasters - you never know with those wellies and walking! 

Lipgloss or balm - those lips need to be hydrated in this weather! 

Fragrance packet - lovely for half way through the day, maybe after braving those toilets! 

Hand gel - always a need for hand sanitiser! 

I think with these goodies bags that I've made, I covered everything! 

These last bits I'll be popping in for the day after are paracetamol and a coffee sachet! As there's a lot of drink talk, so we'll be rocking the bank holiday banger! 

What festival tips do you have? 
Have I missed any essentials out?! :)

No7 stock up

I love these glossy vouchers that are giving in Boots for money off No7
I use them to try out some new things, while stocking up on my favourites! 

I always stock up on No7 wipes, their Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes are really great for removing the toughest of make up, including my eyeliner! They also stay moist as the lock on top keeps them fresh. 
These work out at £2, with the £5 off skincare! 

Another favourite is the No7 Anti Aging lip & eye shimmer as the SPF in it is 30! This lip balm not only nourishes my lip, but also gives a lovely shimmer too! 
Use the £5 off to get this for £2.50! 

I used the £3 off make up for the No7 BB cream, as I think it will be great for everyday and for Leeds Festival this week, as it has SPF 15 in there! 

While you're shopping, grab yourself 2 of the make up products and get the No7 80th Anniversary gift like I did here

I love No7 value and excellent products, as they actually work! 
What should I spend my last 3 vouchers on? Let me know below! 

Relaxing with a face mask

For 20p how could I leave this on the clearance shelf in Boots?! 
Plus, I've always seen Montagne Jeunesse masks, with their pretty ladies on the front and wanted to try them, but I've never really been a face mask kinda girl, as I feel a bit silly sitting with it on. 
That being said, here I was on Sunday giving it a go, with a Black Seaweed face mask.

It's really great to see that Montagne Jeunesse are endorsed by PETA and all vegan/ organic. I hate the chemical smell of some facial products. I like natural smells on my face too. So an excellent choice here! 

The instructions were pretty simple, in 4 easy steps and ones which last 15-20 mins. I sat back and watched half a TV show in that time. 

Before photo

The Black Seaweed mask is black, and smells of seaweed. Not sure what else I was expecting. It was very seaweed smelling, like walking past it on the beach. 

Ah well, black for a goth like me, I guess! 

Me looking awesome! But not as black as the lady on the packet! 
However, I was covered, and sat back for 20mins with my TV show. 

It tightened within the 20 minutes and felt a little weird, yet not uncomfortable though. 

Then came the peeling off of the mask!

Probably the best bit about the process. So soothing to remove this. 
Like PVA glue in school... Anyone?! 

Then the end my face was smooth and refreshed. 
No major spots popped up, which, I admit, is what I usually expect with facials!

I guess you can't really see a difference but my face feels so nice after using and so I am definitely a face mask convert after this! 

The packet says use weekly, so inam going to try and keep up with it and have one every Sunday, as the usual price of £1 for Montagne Jeunesse masks is a bargain!