Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My update on Do The Hoola

So, it's been a few weeks since Do The Hoola hit the shelves now, and no doubt many of you have already got your hands on it.

I previously have done the low down on this cute little Benefit Cosmetics kit here but do need to do a quick update, as I was so pleased when I recently used it!

After organising a night out straight from work, soon to be published on my blog, I needed a quick and easy way to get ready in my office. 
So, I grabbed my usual Benefit Cosmetics make up, but then realised I had the Do The Hoola kit, everything I needed in one, so ditched the usual hefty make up bag, and just took this small box to work with me!

I am still rocking my tan from my holiday, and so haven't been using any make up, but needed to beautify (not sure if that's even a word) myself, before heading out for Cocktails.

This cute kit, has a Hoola powder, which I sweepd over my face, nose and used the Dew The Hoola new liquid Hoola on my cheeks and forhead, to even out my tone.

Then I used the They're Real Mascara on my lashes, which is my favourite, as I always go back to this mascara.

There is included a mini Benebalm, a red colour, whcih I sweeped over my lips and a Hoola lipgloss, which I put over the top of my pout.

It really had everything I needed, although then I added my liner, and was good to head out to the night!

So, just in case anyone is "umming" and "arring" about the kit, or struggling to pack your hand luggage, go for the little beauty as it has everything you need for summer! :)

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