Thursday, 23 July 2015

My Magnum heaven

Magnum are my summer treat. You can't enjoy a sunny day without an ice cream, and my favourite is magnum, the white ones.

So, in Covent Garden this summer is a Magnum ice cream store, like a WHOLE STORE!

You walk in, like it is a swanky bar, order you ice cream £4.50, then move along the counter where you can enjoy 3 toppings, 

choose what colour you like; white, classic or dark and then have some chocolate drizzled over; white, classic or dark.

Well, as a chocoholic, a lover of Magnums and a connisseur of all things enjoyable I was in heaven!

You can then get snap happy, while sitting at the tables and enjoy the beautiful stick sensation, and the chocolate delights.

The experience is probably only a 15 minute session, but such a great event to enjoy! There is even a London sign, made from the Magnum sticks!

Honestly, go check out the Magnum pop up, I mean it is called "The Magnum Pleasure Store"!... Which is probably why my face was like this eating it!

For more information visit:

I will be going for another white, with mint, silver, crushed meringue, classic drizzle on my next London visit in 2 weeks! :)

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