Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Lush Oxford Street

This weekened I had an impromptu trip to London with a friend, and as my friend had never really done the sight seeing of our captial, it was up to me to fit everything in!

So, I planned the day on Sunday so that we could walk up Regent Street, Carnaby and up Oxford Street, the heart of the shopping mania!

Upon on Oxford Street we stumbled on Lush, which I admit I had completely forgotten had opened up in April, with a boutique almost, of exclusive products!

So, we hurried into the magical world of Lush, and the smell hit me as soon as I entered. 
I was majorly excited to see that all the products were laid out like a sweet parlour, as well as various sinks dotted around so each section of beauties could be tried out!

We worked our way around, smelling, touching and trying it all. 
For instance, there was a giant lemon jelly, which was so funny to feel and wobble around, and some bath sheets that was a puzzle at first to try, but were amazing under the tap!

At the front of the store was some exclusives, plus a sink so I tried to Yuzu and Cocoa shower jel £4.95, and it smelled delicious! 

Then I spotted an excellent shaped bath bomb, The Experimenter and had to grab one! 

The smell of The Experimenter £3.75, is exactly the smell of lush stores. Amazing!

However, here is a fun fact; I don't have a bath, dun dunn DUNNN! *Shock* 
So, what I do is either save the goodies up for when I stay out in hotels, or put them out on my dresser, so I can smell the gorgeous fragrances!
Also, some of the products, I break off and use in the shower, as I have HOT showers, so it works just as great.
I admit, that's the thing that put me off Lush for a long time, that I had no bath, but now I make it work for me :)

When I was paying I spotted the Delight bath oil behind the counter, which looked so pretty with the sparkly silver, on it's egg shapre, that I had to have one. 
For only £2, I thought that was an excellent purchase!

I only bought 3 things in total, but even the paper bags made it feel like a special experience, as they are a bath/ galaxy print king of deal. Having said that though, I am back in London in a couple of weeks, so will definitely be heading back to Lush Oxford Street to stock up on more goodies! :)

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