Friday, 31 July 2015

Cheeky Cocktail night!

So, as a treat to ourselves we organise a cocktail night at work! 
We decided on the Friday night, after work so it was easy to head to the local train station, have a few drinks in the stations pub, then head off to Leeds.

In the station pub, The West Riding, it was Fizz Friday a special offering of 2 mini Lunette Prosecco bottles for £7.95!
An excellent way to start our night!
This one is the rose, but there is the standard version of the Lunette.
We love The West Riding pub, as it is a great atmosphere and has a very Yorkshire rustic feel to it!

I organise the cocktail night, so that we could fit in our favourite bars, and we planned on getting the last train/ bus home.

The first bar in Leeds we went to was The Botanist, which is a funky bar located on the underside of the Trinity Shoping centre.
It's quirky decor is very rustic, and has a nature feel to it.

I went for a Raspberry Mojito; lime juice, mint, Havana 3 rum, apple juice and raspberry. The mint hint as soon as I tasted it, but the raspberry, apple and lime gave a sharp, but sweet kick and it was lovely and refreshing. Yum to start!

The other drinks everyone had were; English Mojito, Strawberry & Cucumber Breeze and BlueBerry and Passionfruit Martini.
I love how pretty cocktails look, and the variation in colour. Swarve!

Next up, we headed to the roof of the Trinity centre, to Angelica, which is a outdoor balcony bar, champagne as the main offering!

I went for the Angelica Delight cocktail after one of the girls got it first and it tasted amazing!

Angelica Delight; Amaretto shaken with Baileys, vanilla syrup, cream and dusted with chocolate. It tasted like a milkshake, and I could have drank 8 of them. Not sickly at all, and £7.50, which is a bargain of a cocktail really!

As we sat and looked out over the skyline of Leeds, it was nice to chill out and enjoy the setting. 

After the others finished off their Veuve Cliquot champagne, which they opted for instead of a cocktail, we headed out to the next bar.

The Alchemist was up next. Now, I love the idea of the bar, the cocktails are fun and tasty, but the bar is always far too busy for me. There is a restaurant situated in the back, which takes up much of the space and so there are never enough standing points, to enjoy the atmosphere. However, we stayed a little while and tried two cocktails.

First I enjoy a Hot & Cold Espresso 'tini; Grey Goose vodka, espresso shot and Chantilly cream. £7.95, which isn't too bad, but there is only 1 shot of alchol in there! 
Very tasty and a great pick me up, after a few beverages.

 This second cocktail in here was Cinnamon Apple; Grey Goose vodka, Mazana Verde, Gingerbread syrup, apple& lime juice, with white chocolate foam and a cinnamon stick on top. My idea of heaven, as all those infusion of flavours is my favourite. 
The smell is of Christmas, and the taste is of sour apples. Delightful.

A great way to end a lovely evening of cocktails too. I headed out for the last train home, (bus for me) and although a little fresh, I didn't have a headache the next day, which is always fabulous!

I really would recommend a Friday night cocktail outing, like a Sex and the City sort of night, not too heavy and a great treat for you and your girly friends! :)

Cocktail night make up:
Eyeliner : Benefit Cosmetics They're Real black
Face: Benefit Cosmetics Do The Hoola Kit

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