Friday, 24 July 2015

Benefit Carnaby Boutique

Ok, so I have visited a few times here now, so much so I could be racking up frequent flyer miles I am there much! Here is my first post on the amazing Benefit Cosmetics Carnaby store!

But as my friend has never been to the store before, I had to make a quick stop and show them around the amazing Benefit Cosmerics Carnaby boutique!

I also made a purchase, of the new Operation Pore Proof kit, which I will do a sneaky peek on soon, but I just thought I would show off  a few pics of our trip.

If anyone hasn't been there before, it is in the Carnaby Village, with a bright pink sign, and Simone, their mascot is standing proud in the window. 
We had to do the usual picture outside before entering, but then was let loose inside the store!

So it is like the usual Benefit Cosmetics lay out inside, with the quirky stands, products to try out in the island display, BUT when you venture downstairs there is a beauty parlour!

You can enjoy a glass of champagne at the bar, or have your nails done, a tan or have a blow out!

Downstairs is such a brilliant idea, that I am wishing they will brill  a boutique up North soon! :)

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