Saturday, 25 July 2015

Beach babe

Beach babe is the look i'm going for this month... Ha! Well, my hair is going for that look anyway! 

I've been letting my hair dry naturally since my holiday and going for a wavy look. The best way to get this is a sea salt spray, as i am sure you will already know! 

The John Frieda Beach Blonde range is what i went for as it seemed like it did what i needed. 

This Sea Waves sea salt spray is great smelling with a coconut infusion perfext for summer. Also the formula isn't too heavy, like a lot of sprays can be. 

I got the Cool Dip shampoo and Smooth Seas conditioner too, to go with the spray. The fragrance is mint, and these both cool my scalp and refresh my hairs condition. 

All these products make the boring task of hair washing a little more pleasurable and i really love the feeling after using the  John Frieda range. 

I would reccommend all these, if you're looking for a cheap, summer hair range. 
All the range is £2 at Boots right now too! 
There's also an intensive hair mask, which i will grab soon too :) 

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