Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The new liners from Benefit Cosmetics

Oh Benefit, I do love thee!

They're Real collection just got a whole lot bigger and brighter with colour liners and mascaras. Yay! 

I reviewed the original They're Real collection last year in June 2014. You can catch up on that here before reading on for comparrison.

There are 4 new They're Real liner colours and 2 new additions to the mascara! 

I now introduce the colourful friends of Benefit here...

I tested out each one and can't decide which They're Real liner I love the most as they are all brilliant matte colours! 

They're Real Beyond Purple

Beyond Purple flick

They're Real Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue flick 

They're Real Beyond Green

Beyond Green flick

They're Real Beyond Brown

Beyond Brown flick

As you can all the Benefit They're Real liners are amazing matte colours and look fan on! So I can't decide which I love! At least there's a colour for each week day now including the black original, which I honestly have not stopped using since the release last June! 

Also with this collection release is the colour mascaras for They're Real
There is Beyond Brown, which my mum is desperate for and the Beyond Blue which I was sent :) 

They're Real mascara Beyond Blue

Navy and blue are the in colours this season and so I will be rocking this Benefit They're Real mascara a lot! 

I teamed it up with the blue liner and think I will be wearing this a LOT over the next few weeks! 

I LOVE these!! 
I was super excited to get these as soon as I heard about the release! 
They are exactly the thing I needed in my make up bag! 

The new additions are out 27th June nationwide in shops or order online now here.

+receive free shipping with 2+ purchase!

Just to let you know, no colour enhancements or editing were done in these pictures! These ARE the true colours of the liners and mascara! :) 
Removal: They're Real remover is available, or I used Johnsons face wipe (pink) and it came straight off, no rubbing! Yay!


  1. The purple flick looks amazing! I'm just scared I won't be able to get to grips with it as I've never tried the eyeliner!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  2. I love them alllllll haha! Ah it is very easy to use! A few practises and now it is my favourite and I swapped from liquid! :)

  3. Ooh the blue one looks nice, especially paired with the blue mascara! They all seem pretty good though :)

    India | www.touchscreensandbeautyqueens.com

    1. Yeah I am preferring the blue, but they are all great for different looks :)


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