Monday, 11 May 2015

Brow power!

All this month Benefit Cosmetics are raising money for charity, their Bold Is Beautiful project, which is where all profits from any Brow Wax services going to LGFB and Refuge

So, being a sucker for a great cause, I had to get in on it! Plus I haven't had my brows waxed or touched since January! :-O

I recently wrote about the Benefit Cosmetics month of brows, and their Bold Is Beautiful project here and now I went on to get mine tamed!


All grow in and thick, so lots to work with now! 

I visited White Rose Centre Leeds, to see Beth, the best brow girl ever!
Super friendly, great at her job and fun to be around when going through a wax.


Nice& tidy, but still the thickness i want. 
My arch is slowly coming along, hoping soon it will be perfect! 

Also, I got my free Gimme Brow! Woo!

Then I booked in next month, as there is an offer on for a free Benefit hand held brow mirror & a mini deluxe It's Potent eye cream! 
I will have an eyebrow tint then too, as it will be my holiday month, and I like a bit of a pamper session to go with that.  Details of this June promotion can be found in store, or on the back or your free Gimme Brow card!

I always do alternative months with the tints. 

I really enjoyed the visit to the Benefit brow bar, it cheered me up and I liked it being a quiet 7.30pm slot :-) 

I recommend trying out a Benefit brow wax, especially with the promotion offer of free Gimme Brow this month! 

For more information on the Bold Is Beautiful project, or to make a donation or join in, visit the website here:

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