Friday, 24 April 2015

Surfs up, dude!

I walked past the clearance shelf in Boots and saw these amazing bottles.. 

£9 each! 
Err bargain, as that is half price of these Bumble Surf products! 

After having a sample of these before, i fell in love and love my hair after use. 
...Which i hated, due to the price, but after consideration i knew they were worth it. 

The Surf Foam Wash shampoo smells amazing, lathers up really well, and my hair after is soft and wavy. 
RRP £18.50

The Surf Creme Rinse conditioner also smells devine, covera my hair with a small blob and helps maintain my hairs soft texture. 
RRP £20.50

I am so please with these and love the full feeling and waves in my hair after use. 
I managed to grab two lots of these, to stock up and enjoy throughout the summer months, when i like to leave my hair, to dry naturally, when washed. 

I am now looking forward to Bumble's new released next month within the Surf range, of a new Surf Infusion which is a spray and an improvement on its predessor. This new addition will be available from 13th May, here in the UK!

Which Bumble products are you favourites? :)

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