Sunday, 12 April 2015

Calling out an SOS...

A couple of weeks ago my Mum saved a little article out of the metro paper i got her. 
It was about a mini bag filled with everything you'd need when going away on holiday! 

It was the SOS kit by Emma Lomax, formally Sew Lomax!

The SOS kit by Emma Lomax is a hand sewn kit, filled up with all mini products needed for either nights away or a holiday. 
Things such as toothbrush and toothpaste, phone charger battery, fold up brush, mini sewing kit, hairband, tampon... Etc. 

The bag to buy is £20 or filled with all this £30! 
Which i consider a great price for such a stylish piece of kit! 

There are 3 colours of these to go for, yellow, pink aeroplane or orange aeroplane! 
All are clear plastic so are excellent carry ons for customs! 

I am in love with this SOS kit and will be getting my new summer accessories to match this yellow palm design :)

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