Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Shine shine go away!

Seriously, I have a shiny forehead and nose, and it isn't the best of things to have gleaming from my face on a morning! 
So, having admitted that, I am always looking for new products, to stop this from happening, or to cover up.

My favourite at doing this is the pro balm, by Benefit Cosmetics, the POREfessional. In one swipe, it gets rid of my oily and shine, and lasts hours. 
All other products I have tried, have felt nearly as good as this, or worked quite as effective.

However, in  a magazine this month, there was a sample of Garnier Pure Acive Matte control
This is a new product from Gariner, which is a moisturising, with anti shine and anti blemish qualities.

I admit, I am always dubious as products rarely work, but this was immeditely noticable on first use. As soon as I wiped Pure Active on my forehead, it worked and turned to a matte finish and stopped the shine!

This Pure Active smells a little of anti-eptic/ witch hazel, which must be the blemish control part and the consistency is of a transparent gel type formula.
Here is the photo before...

Here is the photo after use...

This has lasted all day at work and feels pretty good one, and not at all heavy!

Here is the photo after work...

I am looking forward to Gariner Pure Active being launched, and will definitely be buying it!

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