Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Wait for this one people...

So, I never have in my life waxed before, so when Boots said they had a fabulous new waxing kit for me to try, I was rather excited. I love new things, and really wanted to try out waxing.

The kit is Veet Spawax, RRP £39.99 on Boots website.

It is a wax pot, where you insert discs, which heat up and melt into the wax. 
The wax is applied with a spatcular and then is peeled off, with no need for strips.

All sounds simple right? It is all dandy until the removal. 
I was rather happy until this point. 
The wax was a great temperature, it felt ok on, then removing became SO HARD! 

The wax was stuck good, like superglue and it was so painful to remove, that in the end, i manage to pick a little off and then cut off the rest! 

Safe to say most hair was gone! 
But i won't use this again. 
Either you definitely need the strips to remove easily ir just leave it to the professionals! 

Great in theory, but AWFUL in practice! 

Great to try out, so sad it had to be a bad review, but hey ho they asked for the truth! :)

Thank you to Boots for this free/ PR Sample to try out. My review is up online for them now!

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