Thursday, 9 April 2015

How Do You Hoola?

Well, how DO you Hoola?
No, not with the hula skirt, or the hoop for that matter, as no one is seeing this bowl full of jelly wiggle... Erm anyways...

Benefit Cosmetics always raved about their "Barbados in a box" Hoola bronzer, which see's the start of the warmer months! Yes! *Fist pumps the air*

Hoola is  a matte bronzer, which looks SO dark in it's box, but actually glides on pretty lightly, and looks good as an all over bronzer, or as i use it, as a blush. 
YES BLUSH! It looks really great as a blush on my cheeks, with the dark brown, and my mum uses it as a blush too, so there!

I also am pretty lazy on a morning, with my make up, and often like to have everything together in one place. If not, I find alternatives to use as multi uses. Such as my Hoola, which I use as eye shadow on occassion.

A few alternative uses for Hoola:

Matte lip colour - as per Lisa Potter Dixon suggestion over on @BenefitUK
Contour kit
Bronzing boobs

The last one if for more of a night out, and girls, let's not pretend, you know...!

So, that's my thoughts on Hoola, still in love with it after  a year of use, I have my own personlised one, which actually is on display as it is super cute and I have various minis that I take around with me.
See my original Hoola post here.

An exclusive has just come in today:

Buy your own personlised Hoola for only £28.50!
See here for that personlised Hoola
Definitely going to get one for "mum" now ;) 

Tweet @BenefitUK with hashtag #HowDoYouHoola to win Hoola goodies this month! :)

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