Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Dragons Egg!

My second Lush bath bomb! Ooh exciting! 

My mum surprised me with two last week, to take on our weekend away! How lovely of her :) 
Mum got me a Dragons Egg and a Butterball. 

I decided to use the Dragons Egg and was excited to see how it fizzed! 

I plopped it in under the water and here are the results... 

So as you can see, it has blue inside and so mixed up and turned the water bright green! Like neon! Crazy! 

The Dragons Egg crackled all the way through and then after my bath i noticed a note in the bottom... 

Haha! I love how much fun Lush bath bombs are! I definitely prefer this to the previous bubble bar :) 

Cannot wait for my next Lush Bath! :) 

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