Thursday, 12 March 2015

Red Nose Day

I think Red Nose Day/ Comic Relief charity has to be my favourite.

I know, we should support ALL the causes, but comedy and raising money has to be the best idea ever! Plus with the t-shirts being designed by top class people like Matthew Williamson, Henery Holland, Diane Furstenburg and Karl Largerfeld, that are onto  a winner!

So today's honourary post of my favourite chairty event, is by taking a look at the Rimmel Special Edition Red Nose Day lip stick, as designed by Kate moss.

A great advert with Kate Moss and David Walliams is here:

Super funny, and effective as I rushed out to buy the Rimmel 01 lippy.

Now, red is not my colour at all, howver, seen as thought it is a good cause, I have paired it with my rednose tee, and tried to make it work.

I have the Rimmel 01 Red Nose Day shade on, with a red gloss over, to make it work  a little better for me, and those rosey cheeks!

Not sure I will wear it daily, but I like that £1.67 is going straight to the cahrity of Comic Relief!

Excellent for us beauty buyers and for my heart :)

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