Thursday, 12 March 2015

Clean Shampoo

A strange title to call shampoo... However, some shampoos are nice, but these ones CLEAN.

The Toni& Guy range is super expensive, however, I think it is totally worth it!

Back in January, at the Boots 70% sale, I managed to get a Toni& Guy set of ful size Cleanse shampoo, Nourish conditioner and Rough texturiser, in the Mathew Williamson limited edition bag, for only £6, and the smaller Matthew Williamson bag filled with hairpsyar, heat protector and dry shampoo minis for £3.60!

I loved that the two bags matched, so i will be using these for my many travels this year, and the inside products are amazing for such a bargain, below £10!!

My hair gets a really good lather, and clean from the Cleanse shampoo, then feels amazing wih the Nourish condition use afterwards.

When I have dried my hair, my hair feels completely clean, my scalp feels nice and fresh and the smell is a great shampoo/ conditioner aroma.

I have bought these Toni& Guy products before, so I knew how great they would be, but my love for them has re-kindles and I will 100% restock these once I have used.

However, at the moment I am using them on only special days, like nights out etc, to make them last a little longer! :)

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